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BARC ECE 2019 : Analog Electronics Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

Given below is 555 timer circuit in a stable multivibrator configuration

If the circuit free running frequency is 2 KHz, then value of resistor is

Question 2

A Hartley Oscillator is used for generating

Question 3

If an amplifier has a peak-to-peak output voltage of 15 V across a load resistor of 1 kΩ, if the input power to the amplifier is 200 μW. Then power gain will be

Question 4

In the figure shown below

The of the circuit is
(Assume the cut in voltage of the diode )

Question 5

Consider the circuit shown in figure (a), the signal applied as input to the circuit is Vin [shown in figure (b)]

The voltage across diode VD is given as (Assuming diode to be ideal)

Question 6

Find V0P, V0 in the following

Question 7

The effect of a finite gain of an operational amplifier used in an integrator is that

Question 8

Consider the BJT circuit given in figure. Here Vcc= 12V, VBE=5V and RB=2kΩ and R1=R2=10kΩ. Calculate its base current and state the type of biasing arrangement used. (1 marks)

Question 9

If fixed positive charges are present in the gate oxide of an n-channel enhancement type MOSFET, it will lead to

Question 10

The amplifier in which the effect of base width modulation is negligible is
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