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BARC ECE 2019 : Analog Electronics Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

In the voltage reference circuit shown in the figure, the op-amp is ideal and the transistors Q1 Q2….., Q32 are identical in all respects and have infinitely large values of common – emitter current gain(β). The collector current(Ic) of the transistors is related to their base-emitter voltage(VBE) by the relation IC=IS exp ((VBE/VT), where Is is the saturation current. Assume that the voltage VP shown in the figure is 0.7 V and the thermal voltage VT=26mV.
The output voltage Vout (in Volts) is______

Question 2

For common emitter input characteristics is 6V and is changed from 0.32 to 0.8V also base current changes from 40μA to 60μA, then by using the given data calculate the input impedance (in KΩ ) kept constant.

Question 3

In the given circuit below

the value of duly cycle of the output will be

Question 4

Following circuit is used for filtering a wide range of signals. Determine the gain provided by the given filter configuration at f = 0 and f = .

Question 5

A Si diode has a reverse saturation current of 10 nA at 25oC. If it operates at temperature of 75oC then the value of reverse saturation current is

Question 6

In a 741 Op-Amp, there is 20 dB/decade fall-off starting at a relatively low frequency. This is due to the

Question 7

The oscillator circuit shown in figure has n ideal inverting amplifier. Its frequency of oscillation (in Hz) is

Question 8

The feedback used in the circuit shown below can be classified as
2019-11-10.png (1920×1080)

Question 9

Find voltage gain Vin/Vo (Given β=100)

Question 10

In the circuit given below, it is given that , .

Which of the following statement is correct?
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