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BARC 2021 ME: Engineering Mechanics Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

A stone dropped from a building of height h and it reaches after t seconds on earth. From the same building if two stones are thrown (one upwards and other downwards) with the same velocity u and they reach the earth surface after t1 and t2 seconds respectively, then

Question 2

The position vector of a particle changes with time according to the relation . What is the magnitude of the acceleration __________ (in m/s2), at t = 1?

Question 3

A particle starts from the origin at t = 0 with an initial velocity of  m/s and moves in the xy-plane with a constant acceleration  m/s2. The x-coordinate of the particle at the instant when its y-coordinate is 32 m, is D meters. The value of D is:

Question 4

Power applied to a particle varies with time as P = [3t2 – 2t + 1] watts. Where t is time in seconds. Then the change in kinetic energy of particle between time t = 2s to t = 4s is –

Question 5

A body of mass 0.4 kg moving initially with a constant speed of 10 ms–1 to the north is subject to a constant force of 8 N directed towards the south. Taking the instant of application of force as t = 0, the position of the body at t = 25 s is

Question 6

A ball is projected at an angle of 60 º to horizontal with a velocity of 20m/s. Calculate the max height attained in meters.

Question 7

When a rubber-band is stretched by a distance x. it exerts a restoring force of magnitude F = ax + bx2 where a and b are constants. The work done in stretching the unstretched rubber band by L is ________.

Question 8

A scooter accelerates from rest for time t1 at constant rate α1 and then retards at constant rate α2 for time t2 and comes to rest. The correct value of t1/t2 will be:

Question 9

A car of weight W is on an inclined road that rises by 100 m over a distance of 1 km and applies a constant frictional force on the car. While moving uphill on the road at a speed of 10 ms-1, the car needs power P. If it needs power while moving downhill at speed v then value of v (in m/s) is:

Question 10

The position of a particle as a function of time t, is given by

where a, b and c constants. When the particle attains zero acceleration, then its velocity will be:

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