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Keyboard Shortcuts syllabus for bank exams is a crucial chapter under the Computer Awareness/Knowledge section that is included in various Banking Entrance Examinations, such as IBPS Clerk & PO, SBI Clerk & PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, RBI Grade A & B, NABARD Grade A & B, etc., that tests the examinee's computer literacy. We know that in today's highly technological world, computer knowledge with Keyboard Shortcuts tricks for bank exams is an uncompromisable selection criterion for almost all banking recruitments. It seldom happens that the recruitment board may ask Keyboard Shortcuts questions and answers bank exams in the General Awareness action instead of the Computer Awareness section. 

The Keyboard Shortcuts formula for bank exams is an indispensable part of today's working environment. It makes an employee work and finish the assigned tasks efficiently on time or well before it. That's why the Keyboard Shortcuts syllabus for bank exams forms a significant part of the overall Computer Awareness syllabus, which is easy to learn and remember. Therefore, to make you aware of the commonly used and essential keyboard shortcut keys in a professional world, we have created a list consisting of the same and Keyboard Shortcuts notes for bank exams. 

A candidate who wishes to achieve the cut-off marks in the banking entrance examination must thoroughly practice as many Keyboard Shortcuts questions and answers pdf for bank exams. The Keyboard Shortcuts problems in bank exams are all direct and straightforward with multiple choices. A couple of days before the banking examination, the students are advised to solve the Keyboard Shortcuts quiz for bank exams and Keyboard Shortcuts online test for bank exams to revise every keyboard shortcut key.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts Topics



ALT + F = File Menu Options in Menu Program

ALT + E = Edit Options in Current Program

CTRL + ESC = List of the Task (Start)

ALT + ESC = To Move from Window to Window

ALT + TAB = To Choose the Required Window Amongst Different Windows

And, more.

MS Word

CTRL + C = To Copy the Selected Text or Object

CTRL + X = To Cut the Selected Text or Object

CTRL + V = To Paste a Text or an Object

CTRL + I = To Make Letters Italic

CTRL + B = To Make Letters Bold

And, more.

MS Excel

F2 = Edit the Selected Cell

F5 = Go to a Specific Cell

F11 = To Create Charts

CTRL + Space = Select Entire Column

Shift + Space = Select Entire Row

And, more.

Function Keys

F1 = To Get Help from Microsoft Office Online

F4 = To Repeat the Last Action

F5 = Choose the Go To Command (Home Tab)

F11 = To Go to the Next Field

F12 = To Open the Save As Command

And, more.

Control Keys + Function Keys

CTRL + F2 = To Open the Print Preview Command

CTRL + F4 = To Close any Window

CTRL + F6 = To Go to the Next Window

CTRL + F11 = To Lock a Field

CTRL + F12 = To To Select the Open Command

And, more.

Tips to Prepare for Keyboard Shortcuts Questions

  • Write and simultaneously speak all the keyboard shortcuts loudly thoroughly.
  • During the preparation period, do the above step at least twice a day (preferably, once early in the morning and once before sleeping at night) until the examination day.
  • You can also open your PC or laptop for comfortable and practical understanding and practice all the shortcut keys at least once in a day.
  • If you want, you can also write all the keyboard shortcuts in bold, capital letters on a chart paper and stick the same either on your room walls so that you do not forget to memorize the shortcut keys daily.
  • Last but not least, solve as many previous year papers, question banks, and online mock papers/quiz as you can.

Importance of Keyboard Shortcuts in Banking Exams

  • Keyboard shortcuts are of immense help to expedite computer work/operations (incredibly, the hard and tedious tasks, such as preparation/combining multiple reports and charts) by lessening input sequences and using the mouse.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts are easy to remember, grasp, and apply in daily work life, making the work complete on or even before the deadlines. Thus, increasing your skills as well as efficiency/productivity.
  • If you can finish your work on or before the allotted time in the right manner, you would be gaining a lot of mental peace and good health because you will be saving your eyes from getting strained for extra hours, which would stop causing headaches and mental pressure or stress. And, also you would not have to sit and work overtime.   
  • When using keyboard shortcuts, you would keep your hands away from the mouse to assist you in multitasking. Keyboard shortcuts are also of great help to deliver quality work with utmost precision; for example, if your job role is to make and merge periodical reports, shortcut keys are best because your hands would automatically start moving lightning-fast speed once set in motion.

Most Recommended Books for Keyboard Shortcuts

There are multiple hard copy books and e-books by renowned subject matter experts to help you learn the keyboard shortcuts chapter under the Computer Aptitude section of the banking exams. Names of few such books are as follows:

Name of the Book

Author's Name

Lucent's Computer

Rani Ahilya

Objective Computer Awareness

Somya Ranjan Behera

Computer Literacy And Knowledge for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exam

Kiran Prakashan

Objective Computer Awareness 


Arihant Publication

Why Prepare Keyboard Shortcuts from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

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Q.) What are the commonly asked keyboard shortcuts in banking exams? 

A.) In banking exams, questions from the Keyboard Shortcuts topic are mainly based on the 'CTRL,' 'ALT,' and 'SHIFT' keys.  

Q.) What are the applications in which keyboard shortcuts are required the most?  

A.) The keyboard shortcuts are extensively used in Windows applications and Microsoft office applications.

Q.) Is memorizing the keyboard shortcuts sufficient to pass the exam, or its explanation also needs to be remembered? 

A.) Memorizing the keyboard shortcuts can make you pass the examination. Still, if you do not know the use of the keyboard shortcuts, you may fail in the subsequent interview (if a question is asked) and not remember the keys at the time of practical application. 

Q.) Are online tutorials by qualified faculties available for keyboard shortcuts topic?

A.) Yes, you will find multiple online classes on keyboard shortcuts topics that provide lectures along with study notes and separate query resolution classes. Names of few such online tutorials are BYJU'S Exam Prep, Goprep etc.    

Q.) Is the Keyboard Shortcuts chapter scoring?  

A.) Yes, the Keyboard Shortcuts chapter under Computer Aptitude action is scoring as the questions have multiple choices and are completely direct. If you have by-heart all the keyboard shortcuts, scoring full marks would be a cakewalk for you.

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