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Precipitation, Evaporation and EvaporationBest Books for Hydrology Engineering
 Best Books for Irrigation Engineering
 Precipitation, Evaporation and Evaporation Study Notes
Infiltration and RunoffInfiltration and Runoff Study Notes
Hydrographs and its AnalysisImportant Topics of Hydrology and Irrigation
 Hydrographs and its Analysis Study Notes
Flood estimation and RoutingFlood Estimation and Routing Study Notes
Reservoir and Channel RoutingWeightage Analysis of Hydrology and Irrigation
 Reservoir and Channel Routing Study Notes
Types of irrigation systemsTypes of Irrigation Systems Study Notes
Water Requirement of CropsWater Requirement of Crops Study Notes
Lacey, Kennedy and Design of Lined and Unlined CanalLacey's and Kennedy's Theory Study Notes
Designs and Construction of Gravity damsDesigns and Construction of Gravity Dams Study Notes
 Important Formulas of Hydrology and Irrigation
Subject RevisionHydrology and Irrigation Revision Notes
Fluid PropertiesFluid Properties Study Notes
Manometry and BuoyancyManometry and Buoyancy Study Notes
Hydrostatic Forces on SurfaceHydrostatic Force on Surfaces Study Notes
Fluid KinematicsFluid Kinematics Study Notes
Fluid Dynamics and Flow MeasurementsFluid Dynamics Study Notes
 Flow Measurements Study Notes
Control-Volume Analysis & Laminar FlowControl-Volume Analysis Study Notes
 Laminar Flow Study Notes
Flow-through Pipes & Boundary Layer TheoryFlow-Through Pipes Study Notes
 Boundary-Layer Theory Study Notes
Turbulent FlowTurbulent Flow Study Notes
 Important Formulas of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
 Important Topics of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
Pumps and TurbinesTurbomachinery Study Notes
 Impulse and Reaction Principles Study Notes
 Velocity Diagrams Study Notes
 Best Books for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
Open Channel FlowOpen Channel Flow Study Notes
 Weightage Analysis of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
Dimensional AnalysisDimensional Analysis Study Notes
Subject RevisionFluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Revision Notes
Metal's Property, Stress and StrainMetal's Property, Stress and Strain Study Notes
 Best Books of Strength of Materials
Bending TheoryBending Theory Study Notes
 Weightage Analysis of Strength of Materials
Shear Force and Bending Moment DiagramsShear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams Study Notes
Bending and Shear StressBending and Shear Stresses Study Notes
Combined StressCombined Stress Study Notes
Principal Stress and Principal StrainPrincipal Stress and Principal Strain Study Notes
Theories of FailuresTheories of Failures Study Notes
Uniform TorsionUniform Torsion Study Notes
Shear Centre and Pressure VesselsShear Centre and Pressure Vessels Study Notes
Deflection of BeamDeflection of Beams Study Notes
 Important Formulas of Strength of Materials
Subject RevisionStrength of Materials Revision Notes
CementCement Study Notes
ConcreteConcrete Study Notes
Timber, Lime and other materialsTimber, Lime and other Materials Study Notes
Types of Construction ProjectsTypes of Construction Projects Study Notes
Network Analysis - CPMNetwork Analysis - CPM Study Notes
Network Analysis - PERTNetwork Analysis - PERT Study Notes
Crashing of NetworksCrashing of Networks Study Notes
Subject RevisionBuilding Materials and Construction Management Revision Notes
Determinacy and IndeterminacyDeterminacy and Indeterminacy Study Notes
Force Methods/Flexibility MethodForce Methods/Flexibility Method Study Notes
Slope-Deflection MethodSlope Deflection Method Study Notes
Moment Distribution MethodMoment Distribution Method Study Notes
Analysis of TrussesAnalysis of Trusses Study Notes
Influence Line DiagramInfluence Line Diagram Study Notes
Subject Revision Structure Analysis Revision Study Notes
Limit State MethodLimit State Method Study Notes
 Best books for RCC & Prestressed Concrete
Bond and Development lengthBond & Development Length Study Notes
Design of BeamDesign of Beam Study Notes
Design of ColumnDesign of Column Study Notes
Prestressed Concrete - 1Prestressed Concrete - 1 Study Notes
Prestressed Concrete - 2Prestressed Concrete -2 (Analysis of Prestress Member) Study Notes
Subject Revision RCC & Prestressed Concrete Revision Study Notes
Water and Waste Water - 1Water Demand Study Notes
 Quality control of Water Supplies Study Notes
Water and Waste Water - 2Water Treatment 
Municipal Solid Wastes - 1Quality of Sewage Study Notes
 Treatment of Sewage Study Notes
Municipal Solid Wastes - 2Municipal Solid Wastes - 2(Effluents) Study Notes
Air & Noise PollutionAir & Noise Pollution Study Notes
Subject Revision Environmental Engineering Revision Study Notes
Cross-Sectional ElementsCross-Sectional Elements
Sight DistancesSight Distance
Traffic Studies on Flow, Speed & VolumeTraffic Studies on Flow, Speed & Volume
Rigid PavementRigid Pavement
Flexible Pavement and Bitumen MixFlexible Pavement Study Notes for Civil Engineering
Factors affecting Pavement DesignFactors affecting Pavement Design
Highway MaterialsHighway Materials
Principle of Surveying, Maps & ScalePrinciple of Surveying, Maps & Scale
Chain Surveying & LevellingChain Surveying & Levelling
Traversing and Triangulation surveyTraversing and Triangulation Survey
TacheometryTacheometric Surveying
Errors and Their AdjustmentErrors and Adjustments
Subject Revision Transportation Engineering and Surveying
Properties of SoilsProperties of Soils
 Best Books of Geotechnical Engineering
Classification and Structure of SoilClassification and Structure of Soil
Compaction of SoilCompaction of Soil
Principle of Effective StressPrinciple of Effective Stress
Darcy's Law and 1D-PermeabilityDarcy's Law and 1D-Permeability
Seepage AnalysisSeepage Analysis
Consolidation and CompressibilityConsolidation & Compressibility
Shear Strength of Soil - 1Shear Strength of Soil Part-1
Shear Strength of Soil - 2Shear Strength of Soil Part-2
Earth Pressure TheoriesEarth Pressure Theories
Stability of SlopesStability Analysis of Slopes
Groundwater and Well HydraulicsGround Water & Well Hydraulics
Sub-Surface InvestigationsSub-Surface Investigation & Exploration
Shallow Foundations - 1Shallow Foundation Part 1
Shallow Foundations - 2Shallow Foundation Part 2
Deep FoundationsDeep Foundation
Stress Distribution in Soils, Previous Year Weightage AnalysisDistribution of Stress in the Soil
Subject RevisionSoil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Revision Study Notes
Equilibrium of ForcesEquilibrium of Forces
 Best Books of Design of Steel structures
Law of motion and frictionLaws of Motion & Friction
Impulse and MomentumImpulse, Momentum & Collisions
Kinematics and Dynamics of Particles and Rigid BodiesKinematics and Dynamics
Rivets, Bolts and WeldsStructural Fasteners
Tension MembersTension Member
 Weightage Analysis of Design of Steel Structures
Compression MembersCompression Members
Beams & Plate GirderBeam Design & Plate Girders
Plastic AnalysisPlastic Analysis
Subject RevisionEngineering Mechanics and Design of Steel Structures Revision Study Notes
Basis of MatrixBasis of Matrix Study Notes
Matrices Study NotesMatrices Study Notes
Determinants Study NotesDeterminants Study Notes
Eigen Values and Eigen VectorsEigen Values and Eigen Vectors
Solution of Linear EquationsSolution of Linear Equations
Limits & Continuity and DifferentiationLimits & Continuity and Differentiation
Differential Equations-IDifferential Equations-I
Differential Equations-IIDifferential Equations-II
 Integral CalculusIntegral Calculus
 Multivariable CalculusMultivariable Calculus
 Numerical MethodsNumerical Methods
 Joint and Conditional Probability Study Notes for Mechanical EngineeringJoint and Conditional Probability Study Notes for Mechanical Engineering
 Probability Distribution FunctionsProbability Distribution Functions
 Complex VariablesComplex Variables
Subject Revision 
Quantitative AnalysisQuantitative Analysis Part 1
 Quantitative Analysis Part 2
Data Interpretation & Numerical ReasoningData Interpretation
 Numerical Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning & English Grammar & VocabularyVerbal Reasoning
 English Grammar
 English Vocabulary

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