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Armature Reaction & Commutation in DC Machine Starter Quiz 20

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Question 1

Number of brushes in a 4 pole LAP wound DC machines will be.

Question 2

What will happen, if the residual flux is reversed in a shunt generator, which is building a voltage normally?

Question 3

The cross-magnetizing effect of the Armature Reaction(AR) in DC machine can be reduced by-

Question 4

In a dc machines the field flux axis and armature mmf axis are respectively along.

Question 5

In a 4 pole lap wound dc machine commutation technique. We have to reverse the armature current of magnitude 16 Amp in 4 millisecond. The inductance of the coil is 2mH in each 4 parallel paths, then the value of reactance voltage will be ________ V.

Question 6

A compensated generator has 10000AT/pole. Find out the AT/pole for interpolar winding.

Given: = 0.8, Interpolar air gap length = 1cm and B = 0.4T]

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