Are 6 Months Enough for GATE CSE?

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : June 9th, 2022

How to Prepare for GATE 2023 in 6 Months - Preparation for the GATE exam requires time as it has a vast syllabus comprising all the subjects taught in undergraduate engineering courses. It is advised to start preparing early, preferably in the pre-final year of course so that students have ample time to cover the entire GATE syllabus.

Students with a good basic understanding of all subjects covered in GATE can crack the exam in as less as 6 months preparation and that too with a good score. Here in this article we are providing suggestions and tips on how to prepare for GATE 2023 in 6 months. The suggestions and tips are provided by previous test-takers and GATE toppers, coaching institute and subject experts. This article on how to prepare for GATE in 6 months will also be very beneficial for those students who have still not begun their GATE preparation and want to start from the beginning.


GATE exam is taken by around 10 lakh candidates every year for admission to PG engineering courses and PSU recruitment. The exam is highly competitive in nature in terms of applicant to seat ratio for higher education and PSU recruitment through GATE as well. GATE tests the comprehensive and analytical understanding of students in undergraduate engineering and science subjects. Qualifying GATE exam requires conceptual understanding and in-depth knowledge of the basic principles from each subject and topic. Additionally, dedication and determination to crack the GATE is essential to keep going and prepare for the exam. Students are thus advised to study from the best books for GATE preparation to maximise their chances of getting success. There are a total of 25 subjects for which GATE is conducted. Students have to obtain a minimum qualifying mark in order to qualify the exam which is different for all 25 subjects. Students who qualify the exam can take use his/her score for a period of three years from the date of announcement of the GATE resultHow to Prepare for GATE 2023 in 6 months

Students are provided below some of the best suggestions on how to prepare for GATE 2023 in 6 months. The tips and suggestions are recommended by previous year toppers, coaching institutes and various subject experts. The preparation tips are as follows

Refer Previous Year Papers

Students are advised to refer to the GATE previous year question papers to have an idea about the difficulty level of exam, pattern of exam and questions, topics which are covered frequently or which topic has more weightage over the others. Students must take question papers for at least the last 10 years to have a clear understanding of difficulty level and topics weightage. This will also give students the idea about how they have to study, how much they know and strategize the plan for GATE 2023 preparation.

Check Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Every student preparing for the exam must have a clear understanding of the GATE syllabus and exam pattern. The official syllabus of GATE is released by the organising institute along with the application. Students must note that the syllabus of GATE is standard and does not change over the years and so, they can get it from the internet easily or from the link provided above. GATE syllabus comprises the subjects and topics which are taught at graduate-level programs in engineering. Point out the topics which are important, topics which need more time to study and topics which have been studied as a part of your undergraduate syllabus. This will strategize the preparation to an easy-to-do thing.

Students must also be aware of the exam pattern of GATE 2023. The test paper consists of 65 MCQ questions which need to be solved in 3 hours. For every incorrect answer, ⅓ mark is deducted from the total positive marks.

Select Books and Study Materials

Students must select the best study material for GATE 2023 preparation to come up with the best result. Books with easy to understand language, lots of examples to understand the topics and covering the complete syllabus are considered the best books for GATE preparation. Students can also take help of online study materials in the form of e-books which are also a good source of information for GATE preparation.

Study Regularly

Regularity in study with complete dedication and determination is of primary importance to crack the exam. As the preparation time is less and the question is how to prepare for GATE 2023 in 6 months, students have to give more time to studies and less time to other activities. Students can also make a timetable to study. Assign proper time for every topic which is covered in the exam. Learn basic concepts of every topic which you study, solve more numerical questions to be clear on analytical concepts and avoid rote learning. Make separate short notes for all the important topics and important formulas to keep them studying and revising whenever you get time.

Revise Everyday

Revising the topics is very important because if students do not revise what they have studied, they may not be able to recall them at the time of the test. Advice is to revise every day before going to bed and first things in the morning before beginning to study a new topic. Make it a habit to revise regularly. Also, revise the studied topic of the entire week on Sunday and do not study anything new on that day. Solve numerical problems, sample papers and take mock tests to make your preparation better.

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Practise Mock Tests

Solving mock tests is very important in the preparation of any exam. Students preparing for GATE exam are also advised to solve mock tests regularly to have an understanding of their preparation level. Solving mock tests are also very helpful to have an idea about the strong and weak areas in any topics, time management and coming out of fear for exams. During the last time of preparation or exam, students must practise full length mock tests. Check :- GATE Mock Test 2023

Stay Motivated

Motivation is very important to keep going on a journey. Motivation blended with dedication and determination will result in cracking the GATE exam. There may come a time in between the preparation when students feel low. But, students must keep going, keep preparing for the exam to get success. Students can watch interviews on previous year GATE toppers, watch motivational videos, read interviews of successful personalities who have done great in life, and you will find yourself highly motivation

As per your mentioned query , you have to mention the stream for which you want to ask the reference e-books so that i will suggest you the books for your preparation. Now , come to the ques of how to crack the GATE exam so , I would like to highlight some preparation tips that will help you in your preparation.

  1. First of all , analyse your whole gate syllabus as what concepts and what subjects are coming including your aptitude part.
  2. Now , make time table according to your comfort in which give more time to those subjects or topics that are tough for you . So , you can practising that topic more .
  3. Study consistently as consistency is the key to success . Try to solve the previous year question papers so that you have an idea of questions that are coming.
  4. Try to solve one paper daily so that you can manage your time according to your exam.
  5. Revision is the most important part so revise your concepts weekly.

You can check out previous year's cut-offs from the link given below :-


Note that the above prediction is made on the basis of the latest cut-offs and the cut-offs are bound to change every year depending upon various factors such as the number of candidates appearing in an examination, the number of candidates qualifying an examination, difficulty level of the paper, and so on.




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