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Aptitude MCQs On Profit Loss and Discount (Week 4) - 22.09.2022

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Question 1

A shopkeeper earns 17% profit by selling an article at 10% discount on its marked price. If its cost price is Rs. 480, then the marked price (in Rs.) of the article is:

Question 2

A shopkeeper sold an article for Rs.3,750. If he had charged 24% less, even then he would have earned a profit of 14%. What is the original cost of the article?

Question 3

The printed price of a cooker is ₹2,000, and discounts are 30%, 20% and 10%, respectively. Find the selling price of the cooker.

Question 4

The list price of a motorcycle is 20% more than its cost price. It is sold at a discount of 30%. Find the dealer's loss percentage

Question 5

A person purchases 40 items at ₹10 each. He sells a part of them at 25% profit and the remaining at 10% loss. The net profit is 4% in this transaction. The number of items he sold at loss is:
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