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Aptitude MCQs On Pipe and Cistern - 30.01.2023

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Question 1

In 6 minutes,  of a bucket is filled. How much time will it take to fill the remaining bucket?

Question 2

One – third of a tank can be filled in 4 hours by pipe A and one – fourth of the same tank can be filled in 2 hours by pipe B. How long will it take for the tank to be filled if both the pipes are kept open?

Question 3

A cistern is filled by three inlet pipes A, B and C. Pipe B takes 5 hrs less than pipe A and 4 hrs more than pipe C. If pipes A and B together takes as much time as C alone to fill the empty cistern, how much time pipe A alone will take to fill the same empty cistern.

Question 4

Two inlet pipes A and B can fill a tank individually in 6 hrs and 8 hrs respectively. An outlet pipe C attached at bottom of tank can empty the tank in 12 hrs. When the tank is empty A and C are opened together. After an hour A is closed and B is opened, then again in an hour B is closed and A is opened, and continue in this way. How long will it take to fill the tank?

Question 5

Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 12 min and 15 min respectively. When A, B and An outlet pipe C Start together it take 20 min to fill the tank. If C take out 3 litres per min. What is the capacity of the tank?
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