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Aptitude MCQs On Mensuration 3-D - 28.01.2023

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Question 1

The sum of the radius of the base and slant height of a right circular cone is 49 cm. If the total surface area is 1848 cm2, then its height is:


Question 2

The curved surface area of a right circular cone is 65 cm2 and the radius of its base is 5 cm. What is 40% of the volume of the cone, in cm3?

Question 3

Three cubes each having volume 1728 cm3 are placed one above the other. What is the total surface area of the resulting solid?

Question 4

The radius of the base of a cone and also that of a hemisphere each is 14 cm. also, the volumes of these two solids are equal. The curved surface area of the cone is:

Question 5

How many cubes with a side 10 cm can be cut of a cube having a side of 10 metre?
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