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Ancient History | Haryanka & Shishunaga Dynasty

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Question 1

Buddha died during the rule of which Haryanka ruler?

Question 2

Arrange the following Magadhan dynasties in chronological order:
I. Nandas
II. Shishunaga
III. Mauryas
IV. Haryankas

Question 3

Match the list I with List II and select the correct answer using the code below list:-
List I
A) Shunga dynasty
B) Kanva dynasty
C) Nanda dynasty
D) Haryanka dynasty
List II
1) Patliputra
2) Patliputra
3) Patliputra
4) Rajgriha

Question 4

Shishunaga was the minister of………………and was elected by the people.

Question 5

The Second Buddhist Council was held during the reign of -
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