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Analysis of Truss PYQ Achievers Practice Quiz 20

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Question 1

The given statically determinate truss is subjected to temperature rise of ΔT. Take, A, E and  as constant for all members. Force induced in the member QR will be?

Question 2

Find vertical deflection at joint C in the truss shown:

Question 3

The members EJ and IJ of a steel truss shown in figure below are subjected to a temperature rise of 40°C. The coefficient of thermal expansion of steel is 0.000012-1/l. The displacement (mm) of joint E relative to joint H along the direction HE of the truss is ____________.

Question 4

The member BC of the truss shown is 2 mm too long. All members are of same area of cross section. Calculate the vertical and horizontal displacements at joint D.

Question 5

The cross-sectional area of each member of the truss shown below is 500mm2 and . If no load acts on the truss and member AB is 5 mm too short what will be the vertical displacement (in mm) of joint ‘C’?

Question 6

The displacement of joint 4 relative to joint 1 along the direction 1-4 of the truss given below. Axial rigidity of all member is AE.

Question 7

Member AD is subjected to increase in temperature 120°F. Determine the vertical displacement of joint ‘C’ (α = 0.5 × 10–5/°F) (upto two decimal places ln mm)

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