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Analysis of Truss Achievers Practice Quiz 19

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Question 1

Find the force in the member BF if three horizontal forces of 1 kN, 2 kN and 3 kN are applied respectively on B, C and D.

Question 2

A pin jointed 2 D truss is loaded with a vertical force of 20 kN at joint F and another 20 kN horizontal magnitude force at joint B as shown in figure. The force (in kN) in member BC is

Question 3

A simply supported truss shown in the given figure carries a load as shown. The force in member BE is?

Question 4

From the given diagram the member carrying zero force are:

Question 5

Find force in member CF in the truss shown below:

Question 6

Find the force in the member CE of the tress shown below ____ kN.

Question 7

The force in member FE of the plane truss below is ____ kN. (Round off to 2 decimal places)

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