An Under-Reinforced Section Means

By Mona Kumari|Updated : June 27th, 2022

An under-reinforced section means

  1. Steel is provided at the underside only
  2. Steel provided is insufficient
  3. Steel provided on one face only
  4. Steel will yield first.

Answer: D. Steel will yield first

An under-reinforced section means steel will yield first.


An under-reinforced section means sections where the yield strain of the steel occurs at loads lower than the load at which the failure strain of the concrete occurs.

  • The occupants have enough time to escape before the section falls because severe bending and beam breaking occur before steel yields. Therefore, the yielding of steel in an under-reinforced section does not indicate that the structure has failed.
  • The collapse in the under-reinforced section is caused by the concrete reaching its ultimate failure strain of 0.0035 before the steel achieves its failure strain, which is substantially greater at 0.20 to 0.25.

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