An ecosystem consists of - (a) Chemical and physical components (b) Biotic and abiotic components (c) Physical and social components (d) Biotic and antibiotic components

By Ritesh|Updated : October 31st, 2022

An ecosystem consists of Biotic and abiotic components. Ecosystem's founding father is Arthur Tansley. An ecosystem is made up of a group of species living in close proximity to their biotic and abiotic physical environments. Biotics consists of living organisms (Producers, Consumers, Decomposers).

Components of Ecosystem

  • Nonliving organisms are considered to be abiotic (air, water, soil, and Sunlight).
  • A linear group of creatures known as the food chain is where nutrients and energy are passed from one organism to another.
  • Food is produced by the producers. All autotrophs, such as plants, are producers. Since they can create food by photosynthesis, they are referred to as autotrophs.
  • The producers are reliant on the primary consumers. Rat is an example.
  • Energy is supplied by the primary consumer to secondary consumers. Example: a snake
  • Secondary consumers provide the food for tertiary consumers. Example: an eagle
  • Microorganisms called decomposers to turn rotting and dead matter into humus, which improves the soil. For instance, bacteria and fungi.

Functions of ecosystem

  1. It maintains stability, supports living systems, and controls crucial ecological processes.
  2. Additionally, it is in charge of how nutrients are transferred between biotic and abiotic elements.
  3. It keeps the ecosystem's various trophic levels in a state of equilibrium.
  4. The minerals are circulated throughout the ecosystem.
  5. The synthesis of organic components, which involves the exchange of energy, is assisted by the abiotic components.


An ecosystem consists of - (a) Chemical and physical components (b) Biotic and abiotic components (c) Physical and social components (d) Biotic and antibiotic components

There are both biotic and abiotic elements in an ecosystem. Arthur Tansley is credited with creating the ecosystem. A collection of organisms coexisting in close proximity to their biotic and abiotic physical conditions make up an ecosystem.


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