An Adiabatic Process Occurs at Constant ____

By K Balaji|Updated : December 2nd, 2022

An Adiabatic process occurs at constant heat. In the adiabatic process, there is no exchange of heat. This process is carried out between the system and the surrounding. In such processes, heat remains constant. An adiabatic process is often referred to as a thermodynamic process.

Constant Adiabatic Process

An Adiabatic process occurs at a constant heat. The thermodynamic process is the process in which heat remains constant, and the process in which temperature remains constant is called the isothermal process. There are various thermodynamic processes, including the adiabatic process, isothermal process, isochoric process, etc.

  • The first law of thermodynamics states that although energy can change forms through the interplay of heat, work, and internal energy, neither creation nor destruction of energy is possible.
  • It is represented as dU=q+w
  • Since q=0 in an adiabatic process, the system's work done will be equal to the change in internal energy.


An Adiabatic Process Occurs at Constant ____

There is no exchange of heat in the adiabatic process as an adiabatic process occurs at constant heat. A thermodynamic process known as adiabatic refers to one in which heat is not exchanged between the system and its environment, i.e., heat is maintained constant.

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