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By Rahul Chadha|Updated : January 21st, 2019

RRB has successfully conducted the Day-1 of ALP exam. Students who are appearing for the exam wants to know the maximum questions (with solutions) along with the precise analysis i.e, level and types of questions asked in the exam. For this, we will be helping you and we are going to conduct a Mega LIVE Session on YouTube. The first shift exam will culminate at 11:00 AM and we will be live on YouTube on 22nd Jan at 3:00 PM with all the questions asked in the ALP Exam. You must join the live session to go through all the questions that were asked in the RRB ALP Stage II Exam.

Students who are going to appear in the first shift of the exam are requested to share the review by sending us the questions asked in the exam. Below given is the link to join our WhatsApp group, on which you can send us questions.

Appearing for Shift 1 Exam? Click Here to Join our WhatsApp group

Whoever will share the genuine questions will be rewarded by gradeup. You need to share at least 10 full authentic questions to be a part of this scheme. This reward scheme will be applied on a first come first serve basis. See you @ 22 Jan, 3 PM.

Note: The winners will be contacted soon by our team.

"Save the number, share the questions, get rewarded by gradeup & best of luck for your result"

The winners will be contacted personally by the gradeup mentors. Below given is RRB ALP Exam pattern. Share whatever questions you remember from the following subjects and help other students.

RRB ALP Section-wise Questions Pattern





General Intelligence and Reasoning


Basic Science & Engineering


General awareness and Current Affairs




Students who are going to appear for ALP exam and willing to sharing the exam analysis are also requested to fill the feedback form given below:

RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis Feedback Form

All the best!

Gradeup has come up with the complete test series package for upcoming Assistant Loco Pilot & Technicians 2nd Stage Exam. The first test is free. So, what are you waiting for? Check your preparation level by clicking on the below given link:

RRB ALP/ Technician 2nd Stage Part A Test Series (Free Mock Test Inside)

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AbhimanyuJan 23, 2019

Admiral of navy 22 jan 1 shift
P.Shiva Shanker Reddy
PART A : 83/100
PART B : 67/75
Ashim Mondal

Ashim MondalJan 24, 2019

Find odd from-
Ashim Mondal

Ashim MondalJan 24, 2019

Directive principles taken from which country?
Lead peroxide formula?
Ackerman gear consist of which pair of gear?
Why Caster angle provided?
In which view full depth of objects observed?
Area of A0  sheet?
Oil sump made of which material?
Captain of Chennai super kings?
Another name of diesel engine?
What is sucked in suction stroke in Otto cycle?
...Read More
Hitesh R. Patil
Rrb alp shift 3rd 23 jan
Q. महिषासुर की पेंटिंग किसने बनाई
२. पद्मभूषण २०१८ को किस क्रिकेटर को दिया गया
३. कोनसा पर्व खेती से धान निकालने के बाद सेलिब्रेट किया जाता है
४. आरबीआई के प्रथम गवर्नर कोंन थे
५. कुचिपुड़ी कहा का नृत्य है
६. Jpeg ka full form kya hai
७. Ac ka full form agar wo drawing me use कर रहे हो तो।
८. अगर किसी वस्तु के कोनों से हम एक प्लेन पी लाइन खिचते है तो प्लेन पे उस वस्तु का क्या आएगा?
९. वो कोनसी चीज होती है जो परव्यवरण में degrade ho jati hai
१०. कोनसा चीज कंप्यूटर को हानि पोहचती है?
११.अगर किसी चीज की स्पेसिफिक डेंसिटी १ से कम है तो वह किसमे डूब जाएगी?
१२. डिस्टेंस फॉर्म्युला
१३. रेडियस दी थी और गोल का क्षेत्रफल निकालने को बोला था
१४. मोलर हीट कैपेसिटी का फॉर्म्युला बताए
१५ कोंसी चीज आंखो के लिए सफेटी के लिए पहनते है?
१६ ऊपर से कुछ गिरे ना इसलिए सिर पे क्या पहनते है?
१७. -२ ६ का य एक्सिस पे रिफलेक्शन क्या होगा?
१८ टाइम और वर्क ४-५
१९.सीरीज १०.१४ १०.२८ १०.४२ १०.?? १०.७०
२०. कोडिंग
२१. रेजिस्टेंस
२२. अगर पृत्वी पे वेट है तो वो वेट चांद पे कैसा होगा?
२३. पीसी क्या है?
२४. अगर लंबाई डबल कर दी और रेडियस आधी तो रेजिस्टेंस क्या होगा?
२५ कंडक्टेस किसका उल्टा है? (ये ट्रेड में आया य पार्ट १ में थोड़ा कंफ्यूज हूं)
टोटल attempt ९५ aur mujhe lagta hai easy THA paper ...
...Read More
jane william

jane williamJan 25, 2019

Which material have highest coefficient of volume expansion 1.brass 2.copper 3.aluminium 4.mercury  22january shift 2

SaikumariJan 25, 2019

What is inch in cm?
Vel Murugan R
23 2nd shift very hard ..and  heat engine tough

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