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All about Poisson Ratio-I GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz 3

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Question 1

Theoretically, the upper limit of Poisson ratio is____.

Question 2

If the value of Poisson’s ratio is zero, then it means that __________.

Question 3

The load of 100 kN is applied to a cylinder of 1m length and 50mm diameter along its vertical axis. Modulus of elasticity and poissons ratio of the cylinder material are 200 GPa & 0.3 respectively. Determine the volumetric strain (10-4) in the cylinder.

Question 4

The material of the rubber balloon has a Poisson’s ratio of 0.5. If uniform pressure is applied to blow the balloon, the volumetric strain of the material will be:’

Question 5

A rod is subjected to a uni-axial load within linear elastic limit. When the change in the stress is 200 MPa, the change in the strain is 0.001. If the Poisson’s ratio of the rod is 0.3, the modulus of rigidity (in GPa) is ______
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Question 6

A steel rod of diameter 20 mm, length 2.75 m has Poission ratio µ = 0.25. The force F is applied at 0.75 m from fixed end as shown in figure to fill up the gap of 0.5 mm.

Calculate the lateral strain?

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