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All About Bending stress II Achievers Quiz 4

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Question 1

Bending stress of a rectangular cross section of a beam varies _____ with distance from the neutral axis under pure bending.

Question 2

Length of neutral plane of beam, under pure bending is ____.

Question 3

Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding assumptions of simple bending equation

Question 4

If a length of a beam is subjected to a constant bending moment and zero shear force. Then the stresses resulted would be;

Question 5

Which of the following is true about the bending stress?

Question 6

For a rectangular section beam, if the beam depth is halved, width is doubled, keeping length and loading same, the bending stress is?

Question 7

A steel wire of 20 mm diameter is bent in to a circular arc of 40 meter radius. Determine the maximum bending stress (in MPa) induced in it.
[Take E=2 x 10N/mm2]
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