Air Refrigerator Depends on

Bell Coleman cycle is used in air cycle refrigeration. Heat is removed from compressed air after it has been compressed, and the air is subsequently expanded at a lower temperature. An expansion turbine extracts work from the air by removing energy as the blades are spun around by the expanding air.

Answer - Air refrigerator depends on the Bell Coleman cycle.

Air is taken from the cold chamber by the compressor and compressed to high pressure. The cooler receives air from the compressor that is both high pressure and high temperature. Using a cooling medium, such as water, a cooler takes heat from the air. Air with high pressure and lower temperature then goes through the expander. 

The driven compressor receives work from the expander, which expands air to low pressure. Air from the expander enters the cold chamber at low pressure and low temperature, where it absorbs heat and creates a cooling effect. Air returns to the compressor after absorbing heat from the cold chamber. In this way, the cycle keeps going round and round.


Air Refrigerator Depends on

Air refrigerator depends on the Bell Coleman cycle. This cycle utilizes air as a refrigerant and serves both heating and cooling purposes (working fluid).


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