Agneepath Salary 2022: Per Month, Details, Agniveer Salary after 4 years

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : July 9th, 2022

Agneepath Salary 2022 details related to monthly pay, allowances, and benefits after retirement is provided here. The recruitment process is taking place in June/July and invites applications from interested candidates between 17.5 - 23 years of age. The selected candidates will be called Agniveers and will be compensated monthly for their service in the armed forces. According to the Agneepath salary scheme, Agniveers will also receive certain monetary benefits post their retirement from service.

The Agneepath total salary will come in the form of a customized monthly package consisting of base pay and added applicable allowances. In the first year of service, employees will get a monthly salary of Rs. 30000/- which is subjected to a fixed annual increment in the subsequent years. Find more details about the Agniveer salary structure, allowances, benefits, and monthly pay below.

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Agneepath Salary 2022

Agneepath salary 2022 includes monthly in-hand pay, allowances, and other added benefits for selected candidates. Here are some things to know about the Agneepath scheme salary:

  • The Agneepath salary per month for Agniveers will consist of base pay plus added emoluments.
  • The salary will increase per year for Agniveers.
  • The total service pay for Agniveers will include compensation through the Agniveer Package, which is a monthly salary package, and the Seva Nidhi package.
  • Under the Seva Nidhi Package, a part of the Agniveer Salary will go into a corpus fund, with an equal contribution by the GOI (Government of India) for the same.
  • The Agniveers will be given an amount of INR 10.04 lakhs plus accrued interest. This amount will be given to them upon discharge from service after a period of 4 years.

Agneepath Salary Per Month

The Agniveer salary per month is fixed at INR 30,000/- with some deductions and increments over the years. The in-hand salary would be Rs. 21000 in the first year which is 70% of the customized monthly package. The remaining 30% of the Agniveer monthly salary will be added to the Corpus Fund which will be released after 4 years of service. In the fourth year, the monthly salary of Agniveers would be increased to ₹40,000/- out of which ₹28,000/- will be the in-hand salary.

Agneepath Salary Chart

According to the Agneepath salary structure, in addition to the monthly pay, the Agniveers will get a corpus fund amount upon their discharge from the service. To help you understand the salary structure better, we have created a Agneepath salary chart below:

Agneepath Salary Chart






Customized Monthly Package





In-Hand Monthly Salary (70%)





Personnel’s Contribution to Corpus Fund (30%)





GOI’s Contribution to Corpus Fund 





The total corpus amount collected after a period of 4 years of service would be 10.04 lakhs, which would be handed over to the Agniveers along with accrued interest. 

Agneepath Salary Scheme 2022

The Agniveers will receive their monthly remuneration under the ‘Agniveer Salary Package’. Besides their monthly pay, they will also receive a corpus amount under the Seva Nidhi Package after their discharge from the service. For detailed information about the Agneepath salary package details, refer to the information given below.

Agniveer Salary Scheme

As demonstrated in the table above, the Agniveer salary scheme compensates the Agniveers with a monthly salary, 70% of which they receive in hand. The other 30% goes into the Seva Nidhi Package. The monthly in-hand salary increases year after year for Agniveers. Here is the breakdown of the yearly increment in Agniveer salary:

  • 1st Year – ₹30,000/-
  • 2nd Year – ₹33,000/-
  • 3rd Year – ₹36,500/-
  • 4th Year – ₹40,000/-

Agniveer Salary Seva Nidhi Package

Under the Seva Nidhi Package, a corpus amount will be transferred to the Agniveer at the end of their service period. After four years of service, the accumulated corpus fund would be 10.04 lakhs. This amount will be accumulated after an equal contribution of the employee and the government. The total amount to be transferred will also include an accrued interest over the corpus fund. Here are some more things you should know about the Agniveer Seva Nidhi Package - 

  • If the Agniveers exit the service before their 4-year period, the accumulated corpus amount will be duly paid with interest. However, the government’s contribution to the package will not be considered in such a case.
  • The amount received as “Seva Nidhi” will be exempted from Income Tax.

Agneepath Salary 2022 - Allowances, Perks, Allied Benefits

In the Agneepath Scheme 2022, there are only limited provisions to be provided to the Agniveers as additional allowances. However, there are many perks and allied benefits that they will receive upon joining the service along with their monthly Agneepath salary. Find more details about the same below:

Agneepath Salary 2022 - Additional Allowances & Benefits



Life Insurance Cover

A non-contributory insurance cover of ₹48 lakhs will be provided to the Agniveers. 

Dearness Allowance

Not eligible.

Ration Allowance

Agniveers will be provided with Ration Allowance, as and when required. 

Travel Allowance

Agniveers will be provided with Travel Allowance, as and when required. 

Dress Allowance

Agniveers will be provided with Dress Allowance, as and when required. 

Risk & Hardship Allowance

Agniveers will be provided with Risk & Hardship Allowance, as and when required. 

Military Service Pay

Not eligible.


Not eligible.


Not eligible.

Agneepath Salary After 4 Years

Agniveers will receive certain benefits after retirement from their 4-year service. Check out the list of these benefits below as a part of the Agneepath salary scheme:

  • They will receive a corpus amount of ₹10.04 lakhs under the Seva Nidhi Scheme.
  • They will be awarded an Agniveer Skill Certificate, highlighting their competency and acquired skills.
  • The Union Ministry of Education will be introducing a three-year technical course for Agniveers.
  • 10% of service in the Indian Coast Guard and Ministry of Defence will be reserved for Agniveers.
  • Agniveers will get priority in State Police recruitment.

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FAQs on Agneepath Salary

  • As a part of the new Agneepath scheme launched by the Government of India, candidates who will join the armed forces by clearing the recruitment process successfully will be entitled to get an Agneepath salary which is 30,000/- in the first year. They will be working in the defence forces for a period of 4 years, and for each year there is a fixed rate of increment in the Agniveer salary.

  • The Agniveer per month salary will include base pay and additional allowances. The average salary in hand would be 21,000-28,000 over the years. In addition to the in-hand salary, a part of the Agniveer salary would go into the Corpus Fund. This would be released at the time of their discharge from service.

  • In the first year, the Agneepath salary would be INR 30,000/-. Out of this pay, Agniveers will receive 70% of the amount in hand. The other 30% of the Agniveer salary would go into the Seva Nidhi Package.

  • According to the Agneepath salary scheme, there are two packages that the Agniveers will receive as part of their service compensation. The details about the two packages are given below:

    • The Agniveer Package - Agniveer will receive monthly compensation, a part of which will go into the corpus fund.
    • Seva Nidhi Package - The Agniveer will receive a total corpus amount of INR 10.04 lakhs at the time of discharge from service.
  • In the second year of service, the Agneepath monthly salary would be INR 33,000. Out of this pay, Agniveers will receive 70% (23,100) of the amount in hand. The other 30% (9,900) of the Agniveer Salary would go into the Seva Nidhi Package.

  • The in-hand salary of Agniveers will range from INR 21,000 to INR 28,000 over the years. The exact amount will depend on the year of service of the candidate.

  • After a tenure of 4 years of service, the Agniveers will be discharged from the armed forces. At this time, they will get a corpus amount of 10.4 lakhs plus accrued interest.

  • There are a series of benefits like Risk & Hardship, Dress, Ration and Travel allowances. Agniveers will also get a Life Insurance cover of 48 lakhs rupees for the duration of their service period.

  • The total Agniveer Salary Package would be INR 30,000 to INR 40,000. However, the in-hand salary would be between INR 21,000 to INR 28,000.

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