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Question 1

Anuj goes to office at 4.2 km/h and return at a speed of 7 km/h. If he takes 160 minutes in all. Find the distance from his home to office?

Question 2

P, Q and R started their journey at the same time from X to Y. P reaches its destination 5 hours sooner than Q whereas R reached 5 hours later than Q. If the speed of P and R was 40 km/h and 20 km/h respectively then find the speed of Q?

Question 3

A and B can complete a task in 8 days. B and C can complete the task in 12 days. A,B and C can complete the task in 6 days. Then how much time A and C to complete the task?

Question 4

A sum of amount gets doubled in 5 years at a complex rate of interest. Then what time it will take to get 8 times at same rate?

Question 5

If then find the value of ?

Question 6

A current affairs magazine manufacturer made  copies of the December  edition at a cost of Rs . The company gave  magazines free to some key publishers. They also allowed a  discount on the marked price of the magazine and gave one extra magazine for every  magazines bought at a time. In this manner, the company was able to sell all the  magazines that were produceD. If the marked price of a magazine was Rs, then what is its gain or loss percent for the December edition of the magazine?

Question 7

A shopkeeper allows a rebate of  to the buyer. He sells only smuggled goods and as a bribe, he pays  of the cost of the article. If his cost price is Rs , then find what should be the marked price if he desires to make a profit of .

Question 8

p,q,r,s and t are five integers satisfying and . Find the pair that can never be an integer?

Question 9

Find a possible value of p:q given that

Question 10

Before an increment in Ramu’s salary, the total expenditure of family was 60% of the total income. Ramu’s salary was equal to the total savings of the family then. If Ramu got 50% increment in his salary, then what are the new total savings of the family as a percentage of its new total income if its expenditure is kept constant ?
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