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Question 1

A train of length 110 m is moving at a uniform speed of 132 km/hr. The time required to cross a bridge of length 165 m is

Question 2

In a mile race, Arun runs at a speed of 10 km/hr. he gives a start of 200 metres to Chintu and still defeats him by 24 seconds. Find the speed of chintu.

Question 3

Three athletes run a 5 km race. Their speeds are in the ratio 15 :10 : 8 . When the winner wins the race , then the distance between the athlete in the 2nd position to the athlete in 3rd position is :

Question 4

A train driver leaves Gorakhpur at 6:30 am and expects to reach at place 600 km from Gorakhpur at 2:30 pm. At 12:30 pm he finds that he was covered only 40% of the distance by how much he has to increase the speed of the train in order to reach at the scheduled time?

Question 5

A train after 3 hours from starting meets with an accident which detain it from an hour. After this, the train proceeds at 75% of its former speed and arrives 4 hours late. Had the accidents happened 150 km farther along the line, it would have arrived only  hours late if it travelled with 75% of its natural speed. Find the natural speed of the train and total distance of the journey?

Question 6

A thief is noticed by a policeman from a distance of 200 m. The thief starts running and the policeman chases him. The thief and the policeman run at the speed of 10 km/hr and 11 km/hr respectively. What is the distance between them after 6 minutes?

Question 7

By increasing the speed of his car by 15 km/hour, a person covers 300 km distance by taking an hour less than before. The original speed of the car was:

Question 8

In a 300m race A runs at a speed of 9 km/hr. He gives a start of 30m to B and still defeats him by 15 sec. What is the speed of B?

Question 9

If speed of stream is 25% less than the speed of boat in still water and it covers 150 km upstream in 90 minutes, then what is the downstream speed of the boat?

Question 10

A boat takes 5 hours to go a certain distance in downstream, and it takes 9 hours to return the same distance. Find out the ratio of the speed of the boat to the speed of the current.
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