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AE-JE Foundation: Indian Polity (Important Articles of Indian Constitution)

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Question 1

How many Article are there in the indian constitution?

Question 2

Article 228 of the Indian Constitution "Transfer of certain cases to High Court" deals with?

Question 3

Which article of the Indian Constitution provides for the Public Account of India for the Central government?

Question 4

Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, the decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal can be challenged In the Supreme Court?

Question 5

When a President is to be impeached for violation of the Constitution, the charge shall be preferred by either House of Parliament, it comes under which of the following article?

Question 6

Articles 301 to 307 deal with which of the following issue?

Question 7

Article 172 describes __________.

Question 8

Indian Constitution can be amended according to the procedure laid down in the following Article

Question 9

Which of the following provisions of the Indian Constitution is correctly paired with the article pertaining to it?

Question 10

Which of the following act amended article 243 M?
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