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AE-JE Foundation: Indian Geography (General Introduction of Geography)

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Question 1

Which is lowest altitude region in India?

Question 2

Which two factors are primarly used to describe climate?

Question 3

Which of the following is defined the northern frontiers of India?

Question 4

Barchans are found in ?

Question 5

The logitudnal valleys lying between  lesser Himalayas and Shivallik are known as ?

Question 6

The reason for Rajasthan being deficient in rainfall is ……………..

Question 7

Among the following, which separated the Great Plains of India from the Shiwalik?

Question 8

The Northern Plain of India is covered by?

Question 9

Which two hills are located on the south-east of Eastern Ghats?

Question 10

Which among the following is the rainy season in Velds?
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