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AE-JE Foundation: Indian Economics (Basic Introduction to Indian Economics)

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Question 1

Liberalisation Privatisation and Globalisation are the aims of

Question 2

Inflation is a situation characterised by

Question 3

IRDP was introduced during the

Question 4


Question 5

Sabla Yojana launched in 2011 is related to _________ and comes under the Ministry of ___________.

Question 6

How many states are part of the NITI Forum for Northeast, which has been established under the NITI Ayog?

Question 7

The basic problem studied in Macro-Economics is:

Question 8

What are/is the basic objectives of Five Year Plans in Indian economy?
I. To take rapid actions in Agriculture field
II. Increase in Employment opportunities
III. Equality in Economy
IV. To maintain economic stability

Question 9

Where is National Rural Development Institution located?

Question 10

In which plan did the Indian economy managed to cross the barrier of Hindu rate of growth of 3-3.5%?
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