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AE-JE Foundation EE : Utilization of Electrical Energy Revision Quiz

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Question 1

In which welding technique vacuum is required __________.

Question 2

With respect to electric heating, select the INCORRECT statement.

Question 3

Which type of heating is used for sterilization?

Question 4

According to the first law of illumination, the illumination of a surface due to a source of light is

Question 5

Which of the following is NOT plastic welding?

Question 6

  A normal illumination is kept in library around-

Question 7

Which one of the following is used in electric heating elements?

Question 8

The arc utilized in electric arc welding is a

Question 9

Which lamp is used in the outdoor illumination of buildings and airport runway?

Question 10

Illumination level required for precision work is around

Question 11

The efficiency of heating is more for

Question 12

The electrode coating material in electric arc welding is
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