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AE-JE Foundation EE : Power Systems Quiz - 6

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Question 1

Transient stability studies of a power system are usually carried out over a time period of

Question 2

Consider the following figure shown below.

It shows electric power input Pe to a lossless synchronous motor as a function of torque angle The load is suddenly increased from Po to Ps and the motor oscillates around sbetween oand m.
Consider the following statements derived from the figure regarding the relationship between the motor speed ω and its synchronous speed ωs at different point in the oscillating cycle.
A) At point 1, ω= ωs
B) At point 2, while oscillating from 1 towards 3, ω<ωs
C) At point 3, ω>ωs
D) At point 2, while oscillating from 3 towards 1, ω>ωs
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 3

Consider the following figure shown below.


A) If K>0, steady state stability is maintained.
B) If K=0, limiting stage of steady state stability is attained.
C) If K<0, instability occurs.
Which of the following option is/are correct?

Question 4

For the transient stability of a power system.

Question 5

Which of the following are the methods for improving the transient stability limit of a power system?

Question 6

A generator has speed regulation as 0.125 Hz/MW and load frequency constant β as 2 MW/Hz. If the change in frequency is 0.2 Hz, then change in load is _______ MW.

Question 7

Dynamic stability of a power system can be generally concerned to which type of disturbance?

Question 8

For which of the following the critical clearing time of a fault in power systems is related to?

Question 9

The synchronous generator shown in the figure is supplying active power to an infinite bus via two short, lossless transmission lines, and is initially in steady state. The mechanical power input to the generator and the voltage magnitude E are constant. If one line is tripped at time t1 by opening the circuit breakers at the two ends (although there is no fault), then it is seen that the generator undergoes a stable transient. Which one of the following waveforms of the rotor angle δ shows the transient correctly?

Question 10

Equal area criteria gives the information regarding
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