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AE-JE Foundation EE: Measurement Quiz 4

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Question 1

One cycle of a square wave signal observed on an oscillscope is found to occupy 5 division on the CRO screen. The scale setting is 20μ/Div. What is the frequency of the signal?

Question 2

A CRO is operated in sweep mode. A time varying signal s(t) = [5 + 100 sin 1000πt] is tested in AC coupling. The signal which will be displayed on screen while in AC coupling is

Question 3

To have best quality waveform, oscilloscope will trigger:

Question 4

In a CRO, sinusoidal waveform of a certain frequency is displayed. Then what quantity does the waveform represents

Question 5

In the CRO the deflecting factor.

Question 6

The technique of adding a precise amount of time between the trigger point and the beginning of the scope sweep in a CRO is known as

Question 7

Two in-phase 50 Hz sinusoidal waveforms of unit amplitude are fed into channel 1 and 2, respectively, of an oscilloscope. Assuming that the voltage scale, time scale, and other settings are exactly the same for both the channels, what would be observed if the oscilloscope is operated in X-Y mode?

Question 8

In the CRT aquadag carries.

Question 9

In a CRO as shown, under what circumstances will the current be flow in forward direction?

Question 10

At the X-input we applied a signal of 5 kHz at the CRO. An unknown frequency signal is also applied at the Y-input. The lassajous figure display on the screen shown below.

Find the frequency of the unknown signal?

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