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AE-JE Foundation EE : Electrical Machines Quiz - 8

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Question 1

An alternator is supplying power to an infinite bus at rated voltage. The excitation is 1.25 times the rated voltage at rotor angle of 30°. The supplied power is __________. (Take Xs = 0.5)

Question 2

A 3 phase 10 –pole star connected alternator runs at 600 rpm. It has 140 slots with 10 conductor per slot. The slot harmonics may be of order?

Question 3

The dark and bright lamp method is used in alternator for

Question 4

For an alternator, at constant field current open circuit terminal voltage and short circuit current are 2000 V and 400 A, respectively. The value of internal voltage drops if load current is IL is ______ volts.

Question 5

Damper bars in case of salient pole rotors of hydro-alternators are usually inserted in pole faces to

Question 6

What is the maximum speed of 60 Hz alternator?

Question 7

For salient pole alternator, consider the following: Xd = 1 p.u., Xq = 0.6 p.u. At full load 0.8 p.f., load angle in degrees. (Use tan–1(1.5) = 56.3°).

Question 8

Which of the following conditions are to be satisfied for proper synchronization of alternators?
1) Equal terminal voltage
2) Same frequency
3) Same phase sequence
4) Same kVA rating
5) Same phase displacement
Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Question 9

Higher synchronous reactance is preferred in the present-day alternator because one can have

Question 10

An alternator is
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