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AE-JE Foundation EE : Electrical Machines Quiz - 6

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Question 1

The purpose of starting winding in a single-phase induction motor is to …………….. .

Question 2

What happens when the centrifugal switch in the starting winding of a single-phase induction motor fails to open?

Question 3

In a double revolving field theory of single-phase induction motor, the slip in the forward direction is s. Then slip in the backward direction is

Question 4

In a double squirrel cage induction motor the outer cage winding has _____

Question 5

The starting winding of a single phase motor is placed in

Question 6

Choose the correct statement regarding the operation of a single phase induction motor.

Question 7

In case of a single-phase induction motor, according to the double revolving field theory, why there is no starting torque present? Select the most appropriate statement.

Question 8

In a single phase induction motor the fluctuating field is similar to:

Question 9

Maximum flux established in an AC excited iron core is determined by

Question 10

If a single phase motor fails to starts but gives humming noise, this may be due to
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