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AE-JE Foundation EE : Electrical Machines Quiz -2

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Question 1

Which three-phase connection can be used in a transformer to introduce a phase difference of 30o between its output and corresponding input line voltages?

Question 2

In a three-phase delta-connected balanced load

Question 3

The following connection of three single phase transformer bank results in

Question 4

The main application of delta/zig-zag connected 3-phase transformer is to supply

Question 5

When a V-V three phase transformer system is converted into a ∆-∆ system, increase in capacity of the system ¡s

Question 6

The zero-sequence circuit of the three phase transformer shown in the figure

Question 7

Three single-phase transformers are connected to form a 3-phase transformer bank. The transformers are connected in the following manner:

The transformer connection will be represented by

Question 8

In a three-phase transformer, the current flowing in three primaries produces three corresponding fluxes. The sum of these three fluxes at any instant is

Question 9

A three phase star/delta transformer is used to step down voltage. If the primary voltage and secondary current are 11 KV and 423 A respectively. Turns ratio of transformer is 5, then the output KVA is

Question 10

Which of the following connections in a three-phase transformer is called open-delta connection?
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