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Question 1

Which one among the following has the highest numerical value in a stepper motor?

Question 2

A permanent magnet stepper motor with 8 poles in stator and 6 poles in rotor will have a step angle of

Question 3

Which is not true for hysteresis motor?

Question 4

Which motor is generally used for railway traction purpose now a days?

Question 5

A stepper motor has a step angle of 2.5°. If the shaft is to make 25 revolutions, the number of steps required will be

Question 6

In which of the following respects, the servomotors differ in application capabilities from large industrial motors?

1) They produce high torque at all speeds including zero speed.

2) They are capable of holding a static position.

3) They do not overheat at standstill or lower speeds.

4. Due to low-inertial they are not able to reverse direction quickly.

Question 7

Which single phase Induction motor is used in ceiling fans?

Question 8

The role of micro-stepping mode in stepper motor is to

Question 9

Which of the following is not a characteristic of AC Servo motor?

Question 10

The desirable features of a servomotor are
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