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AE-JE Foundation EE : Circuit Theory QUIZ - 7

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Question 1

The defining equations for V1 and V2 analyzing a two-port network in terms of its impedance parameters are respectively

Question 2

The Z parameters Z11, Z12, Z21 and Z22 for the circuit as shown in figure, respectively, are

Question 3

When a number of two-port networks are cascaded then,

Question 4

Which is correct condition of symmetry observed in Z-parameters?

Question 5

Which one of the following gives the correct short circuit parameter matrix Y for the network shown below?

Question 6

Which among the following represent the precise condition of reciprocity for transmission parameters?

Question 7

Barletts Bisection Theorem is applicable to ___________

Question 8

For the network shown in the figure below:

1. Z22 = 10

2. h11 = 4.4

The correct option is

Question 9

Which among the following is regarded as short circuit forward transfer admittance?

Question 10

An open circuit reverse voltage gain in h-parameters is a unitless quantity and generally equivalent to _____
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