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AE-JE Foundation EE: Circuit Theory Quiz 6

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Question 1

If a series RLC circuit resonates at 1.5 kHz and consumes 100 watts from a 100 volts AC source operating at resonant frequency with a bandwidth of 0.75 kHz; the values of R, L and Q-factor of the circuit are respectively

Question 2

Suppose a circuit with impedance with magnitude 10 and an angle of 60° is supplied by voltage of v(t) = 20 sin (ωt + θ). The circuit is switched at t = 0. The value of θ in radians for eliminating AC transients from the circuit.

Question 3

When a 240 V, 50 Hz supply is applied to a combination of a resistor 15 Ω in parallel with an inductor having the total current of 22.1 A. What value must the frequency have for the total current to be 34.0 A.

Question 4

Consider the circuit shown below:

The value of capacitance C required to make circuit power factor unity is:

Question 5

The input power factor for circuit having voltage 1000° and Yeq = 0.022427.01°.

Question 6

Calculate i(t) for t > 0, in the circuit shown in figure below

Question 7

A coil having resistance of 10 ohm and inductance of 1 H is switched on to a direct voltage of 100 V. Calculate the rate of change of the current at t= time constant.

Question 8

At a junction,3 currents I1, I2, I3 are meeting. Assume all the currents are entering the node.

If I1= -6sin(t)mA and I2 = 8cos(t)mA, then I3 will be

Question 9

What is the applied voltage in a series R L circuit voltage across resistor and inductor are 3v and 4 v respectively?

Question 10

What is voltage across capacitor In ac RC series circuit total voltage is 10V and voltage across resistor is 6V?
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