ACC Full Form - What is the Full Form of ACC?

By Priya Gupta|Updated : October 6th, 2022

Numerous individuals may be wondering what the ACC Full Form is. Defense service members of Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR) from the regular army, navy, and air force are trained by the Army Cadet College Wing in preparation for commissioning as officers in the Indian Army. Input for the Indian Military Academy comes from the ACC. 

The ACC and the National Defence Academy offer a three-year degree program in the humanities and sciences, making their training programs comparable. This post will tell you about the ACC full form and information related to ACC.

What is ACC Full Form?

The full form of ACC is Army Cadet College, and written exams and a subsequent Services Selection Board selection process determine who gets admitted to ACC. Since operating 80 years ago, ACC has produced several well-known alumni.

In terms of the Indian Army, ACC stands for Army Cadet College. One of the many officers the Indian Army enrolls is through ACC. The distinction is that the ACC Exam is only open to active-duty members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. For all three members of the Defence Force, ACC is also the only entry.

Soldiers who complete the exam and enroll in the Army Cadet College will complete their studies and eventually be commissioned officers in the Indian Army. The Indian Military Academy in Dehradun will be the training location for all ACC cadets. After completing their training, students will receive a degree in the humanities and sciences.

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FAQs on ACC Full Form

  • The ACC full form is आर्मी कैडेट कॉलेज in Hindi. After completing the exam and enrolling in the Army Cadet College, soldiers can finish their education and become commissioned officers in the Indian Army.

  • ACC Recruitment's chosen candidates would be paid a stipend of about INR 21,000 per month during the training term. The candidates will hold a permanent officer position in the Indian Army once their training is finished. The monthly average pay for the same position is INR 74,000.

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