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By Renuka Miglani|Updated : March 8th, 2021

Physics has a reputation for being a tough subject. The prospect of appearing in a Physics test is nothing less than scary for many of us. Indeed it is one of those subjects that require logical and abstract reasoning. It is often the case that the students find it incredibly hard to remember the concepts whenever they are studying it after a long break or perhaps revising the concept a day or two before the test. To succeed in Physics, you’ll need some effective study strategies.


How to Prepare for CBSE Class 9 Physics Concepts: Tips & Tricks To Follow

We’ve got a few handy tips to effectively revise the concepts of physics before the exam or even after the chapter gets over. Mentioned below are some tips to help you power through your preparation and recapitulate the ever so important concepts in Physics. If you know the formulas well and your basic concepts are clear, scoring well in your test can become easier. 

Here are some effective strategies to improve the rusty concepts in Physics: - 


  • Think conceptually

More than the other subjects, physics is more than memorization of the formulas and consultation of the curriculum, studying does help, but physics requires a shrewd way to understand the phenomenon. 

Knowledge in physics is built on a series of conceptual cornerstones—the fundamental principles and laws of the universe—that allow exploration and understanding of the physical world. Success in physics depends on a firm knowledge of these basics. A flexible mind that can assess these rules and determine when and how to apply them to a given problem.


  • Learn the definition by understanding the true concept instead of Cramming

Committing definitions to memory without truly grasping the concept leaves the gap in the understanding. A sound understanding of the definition helps in doing concept-based and also the numerical problems with great ease.  


  • Practice conceptual and numerical based problems 

Unless you have a photographic memory you can't beat doing questions. Physics is all about understanding and that's sometimes hard to pick up by merely reading. It is in your best interest to do the problems to get familiar with the concept it is based upon. 


  • Make notes while re-reading the old concepts and consult them frequently.

A daily revision of the concept is integral. You are likely to forget either a few topics of the chapter or in the worst-case scenario perhaps the entire chapter. A timely revision of the concept will improve the retention capacity of the concepts before moving on to the next chapter.


  • Consult the reference books

It is always beneficial to keep some reference books with you as additional study material to supplement your learning while referring to your course book allocated by the board. Reference books expose you to more examples and enable a better understanding of a concept if it is explained in greater detail.


  • Use tools such a concept maps and formula sheets 

Make use of study tools such as mind maps and formula sheets that help you recall the information in a shorter time. 


  • Carry an on-the-go revision notebook 

It is advisable to carry a short notebook that has the condensed information of the entire chapter such as formulas, graphs, fundamental concepts along with its derivation. 

Even while travelling or only have a few minutes to spare; short notes. You can make use of that time to consult the notebook to brush up the concepts. 


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