A few subjects in various Lists of the Indian Constitution are given here. Group them under the Union, State, and Concurrent Lists. a) Defence b) Police c) Agriculture d) Education e) Banking f) Forests g) Communications h) Trade i) Marriage

By K Balaji|Updated : September 7th, 2022

A few Subjects in various Lists of the Indian Constitution, such as a) Defence b) Police c) Agriculture d) Education e) Banking f) Forests g) Communications h) Trade i) Marriages are given below under the groups Union, State, and Concurrent Lists below.

  • State List – Trade, Police, Agriculture
  • Union List – Defence, Banking, Communications
  • Concurrent List – Forests, Marriages, Education

Union List

  • The Union List is a list that includes 100 subjects that the Centre or Union government enjoys supreme jurisdiction over.
  • This list consists of subjects of National Importance such as foreign affairs, atomic energy, defense, railways, post, etc.
  • In simple terms, Union List is a list of matters of national importance, and the central government has the only power to make decisions on the subjects given in the Union List.

Concurrent List

  • The Concurrent List includes 47 subjects
  • This list specifies subjects like criminal law, forests, criminal procedure, protection of wild animals, trade unions, population control, etc.
  • Both the State and Union governments have the power to make laws regarding the subjects included in the concurrent list.

State List

  • This state list includes a total of 61 subjects.
  • The state legislature can govern and pass laws on the said subjects.
  • This list specifies the jurisdiction over subjects such as manufacture, prisons, public health, production, transport, fisheries, etc.

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  • A few subjects come under the Union List, including Defence, Army, International Relations, Ports, Railways, Highways, and Communication.

  • Some of the important subjects under the state list are Public order, Police, Public health and sanitation, Hospital dispensaries, Betting, and gambling.

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