A Clinometer Is Used For

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 21st, 2022

A clinometer is used for-

  1. Measuring angle of slope.
  2. Correcting line of collimation.
  3. Setting out right angles.
  4. Defining natural features.

Answer: A. measuring angle of slope

A clinometer is used for measuring angle of slope.


Clinometer is used for measuring angles of slope, elevation or depression of an object with respect to the ground. Special case of a spirit level is the clinometer. Clinometers can be used for much larger angles, while the spirit level is restricted to relatively small angles. For determination of straightness and flatness of surfaces also, clinometers are used. There are 2 types of measurement.

  1. Linear measurement
  2. Angular Measurement


  1. Cross Staff is used for setting out the right angle.
  2. Optical Square is useful also for  setting out the right angle. It is superior to cross staff.

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