Some Useful Tips To Use Sample Papers Effectively for Your CBSE Class 9 Exam 2021

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : February 17th, 2021

Exams are always considered a stressful phase for most of the students especially for those who panic quickly. If you are planning to appear in your Class 9 CBSE Exam 2021, then you are at the right place. This article brings you the best tips and tricks to utilise all your sample papers, mock tests effectively to help you to get you higher marks in your upcoming examination. The stress or exhaustion you feel during your examination can decrease when you start solving more and more sample papers and previous year question papers. This will enable you to identify your weak areas for improvement and the concepts on which you need more time to practice.

Mock tests are a very important part of sample papers and they are exactly similar to real question paper. They are advantageous to practice in as many questions a student can do. Students even can get a reputed rank in competitive exams by doing proper practice of sample papers effectively. 


Important Tips & Tricks to Utilize Sample Papers Effectively :-

Here are some strategies in which sample papers, previous year question papers and mock tests can help you to ace your upcoming CBSE Class 9 Exam 2021 :-


(A) Aware of Latest Syllabus & Pattern :

Students should be very well aware of the latest syllabus and pattern before attempting any sample paper or mock tests. Many students start solving sample papers without knowing the latest revised syllabus, they should keep one thing in their mind is that, if you solve outdated syllabus related sample papers then there will be no use of such diligence, as it is totally a waste of time. You should always remember one important thing is that without proper awareness of the course you won’t be able to solve the question paper correctly. The complete sample paper and mock tests are based on the syllabus so it is very important to know the latest syllabus before attempting any mock tests.


(B) Important Point to Consider Before Attempting Any Sample Paper

  1. Start studying your subjects as early as possible.
  2. Prepare a proper study plan for your study, and follow it strictly.
  3. Utilize your textbooks, class notes, and good reference books at its best.
  4. Try to include group discussions/study particularly on weekends.
  5. Revision is the key to get success, so don’t forget to revise the concepts after finishing up your syllabus.
  6. Try to identify your weak points and ask immediately from your subject teacher.
  7. Note down your topic of interests and start revising them first.

(C) Understand The Importance of Sample papers

Students need to take sample papers seriously, as in they can start solving out sample papers keeping in mind the original paper. Hence, they will start solving them with extreme seriousness. Whenever you plan to solve the sample paper, concentrate and give your best. After solving the question paper you will be able to recognize your weak area for improvement, your strong points and the topics in which more preparation is required.


(D) Create Your Study Plan

You need to make a smart study plan with some strategies to assist you study effectively and reduce stress. The very first step is to point out how much time you can actually devote in solving these sample papers effectively for your examination by asking the following questions. 


  • How hard is the subject?
  • How much study material do you need to cover it?
  • What is the latest syllabus and pattern of the examination?
  • How much time is available for each subject?
  • Which good books should you refer to?


(E) Revise Your Sample Papers Regularly

Frequent revision with sample papers or previous year question papers before your examination is of utmost importance. After finishing up your whole syllabus for Class 9, you should regularly revise 2-3 sample papers or previous year papers daily. Try to note down the time you are taking to solve one particular sample paper and then try to reduce it from the next time when you start solving another sample paper. Solving sample papers effectively will boost your confidence and also progress your speed and accuracy. 


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