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By Avinash Kumar|Updated : May 16th, 2019

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JEE (Main) 2019 result has been announced and JEE Advanced 2019 will be conducted on 27 May 2019. This year JEE Advanced conducted by IIT Roorkee. After the JEE Advanced 2019 result, the JOSAA 2019 will conducting counselling for seats in IITs, NITs, IIITs and other GFTIs is getting closer and in our effort to help you in taking a very informed decision, here we are going to talk about Civil Engineering, it's scope & career opportunities and the top colleges in this field.

Our world is surrounded by skyscrapers, Bridges, Unending Roads, complex structures, Structures which are simply unimaginable in past, Dams used for providing seamless electricity, Canals for regulating the water supply to the fields and the various areas of usage. This all is possible because of Civil Engineers. It is not possible to imagine life without all these things.

Can We live without a house?

Can we go to anywhere without roads?

An answer is a big NO to all!!

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a roof over his or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make it easier to get across. Buildings and Bridges are the first basic constructions that come to our mind which are a part of structural engineering one of the sub-discipline of civil engineering. Roads, railroads, subway systems, and airports are designed by transportation engineers, another category of civil engineering.

Not many people think about what happens to the water after it has served its purposes. The old civil engineering discipline of sanitary engineering has evolved into modern environmental engineering of such significance that most civil departments start relating themselves with environmental engineering. It illustrates that civil engineers do a lot more than design buildings and bridges.

Civil Engineering helps us to construct infrastructure and create an environment which will be conducive for living in the modern era. This discipline of engineering deals with the various aspects of planning, designing, construction, maintenance and modification of physical structure and naturally built environment. The discipline offers a huge umbrella and covers varied aspects ranging from geotechnical engineering to structural engineering, environmental to material, forensic to hydrology. Due to all this, Civil Engineering is considered as a single largest branch among all the engineering branches.

Role of A Civil Engineer

Role of a civil engineer is very broad extending across many technical specialities. Civil Engineers plan, design, and supervise the construction of facilities essential to modern life like space satellites and launching facilities, offshore structures, bridges, buildings, tunnels, highways, transit systems, dams, airports, harbours, water supply system and wastewater treatment plants. A civil engineer is responsible for planning and designing a project, constructing the project to the required scale, and maintenance of the project. A civil engineer requires not only a high standard of engineering knowledge but also supervisory and administrative skills.

Civil Engineering makes use of scientific principles to solve the given problems of society; like residential, commercial, industrial and public works projects of all sizes and levels of construction. The other name of civil engineering is construction engineering. Structures such as tunnels, dams, sewers, bridges, highways, canals, industrial plants, residential buildings, railway lines, airports etc also come under the category of civil engineering.

Career Aspects & Opportunities for Civil Engineers

Civil engineering offers an exciting profession because at the end of the day you can see the results of your work, whether this is a completed bridge, a high-rise building, a subway station, or a hydroelectric dam.

Civil engineers are employed in all the major construction projects carried out by the state or central government like the public works departments (PWD), the railways and military. Civil Engineers are mostly required in private construction and real estate companies as project engineers.

After completing a B.Tech/BE a Civil Engineer can also opt for M.Tech/MS in various specializations such as Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Mechanical Handling and Automation, Mechanical Systems Design & Thermal Energy and Environmental Engineering.

Opening and Closing Ranks of Top Colleges Offering Civil Engineering

Given below are the top 20 colleges offering Civil Engineering and their opening and closing ranks in the last round of JoSAA 2018 counselling.


Category and Exam

Opening Rank (2018)

Closing Rank (2018)

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Madras

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Indore

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Patna

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati

AI JEE Advanced



Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

AI JEE Advanced



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