99% Students करते हैं ये Mistakes NDA Exam में इन 5 गलतियों से बचे!

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : May 11th, 2022

NDA II 2022 exam is fast approaching, aspirants hardly have 100 days left for the exam. Although a lot of ink has already been spilled over what mistakes one should avoid while preparing and I couldn’t possibly add anything new which is out of the blue, I would still tell you what’s my take on this very important aspect of the exam.

Common Mistakes committed by NDA aspirants and how to avoid them

Not having a proper revision strategy: 

  • NDA is a logistical challenge. You are supposed to read almost all the subjects which don’t require proper specialization, Current Affairs spanning for around 6 months prior to this exam.
  • Revising what you have read just before the exam is another challenge. You need to have a proper strategy for revision only.
  • Otherwise you will struggle to finish the important subjects and topics before the exam and that will result in loss of precious marks.

Trying Quick Fix Solutions for Current Affairs: 

  • Reading Current affairs should be a long drawn process. Since CA involves a lot of facts and information, it is difficult to assimilate the information unless it is distributed over a longer time frame and that is why it is important to read newspaper regularly.
  • But most of the students try to cover current affairs from CA magazines and that too right before the exam. And that is a mistake. This gives a false sense of confidence.
  • But in the exam hall, it becomes difficult to answer questions because you hardly remember all the facts.

Not taking proper rest and getting burned out just before the exam: 

Happens to many. The pressure is so high, a lot is at stake and you can’t afford to waste a single minute. So you should burn the midnight oil and keep studying till you drop, Right? Absolutely wrong! If you are not fresh before the exam you will commit mistakes in the exam. And a single mistake can cost you your seat at the mains. So take rest, sleep properly and relax. I used to watch a lot of movies right before the exam.

Resorting to blind guessing & Filling OMR Sheet Wrong: 

  • Self Explanatory. Almost every time a blind guess is wrong. You can take calculated guesses if you are able to eliminate one or two of the options, but a blind guess is a strict no no.
  • Many aspirants tend to solve the complete paper first and then mark the OMR circles in the end. Do not do it. Because if you happen to miss the serial in one questions there is a chance of getting other questions wrong further down too.
  • It happened to one of my friends and he missed the serial and marked 5 questions wrong. And since you can’t erase and correct the sheet, your fate is sealed.

Analysing ones own performance in the exam hall itself: 

  • Always remember, “The match is not over till the last ball is bowled”. So do not analyse your performance in the exam hall itself. And honestly.
  • one is not in position to do it too. Because you can never be sure that your answers are right or wrong. So you can not assess your performance anyway. So leave that for later.



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