5 Mistakes to Avoid for RBI Grade B Phase II 2019

By Ranita Mukherjee|Updated : November 26th, 2019

With hardly a week left for the conduction of RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam, aspirants must be anxious about their preparation, considering the stature of the exam. The Phase 2 exam will be held on 1st December 2019 for General posts and on 2nd December 2019 for DEPR/DSIM posts. In such a scenario, students often end up committing mistakes, which cost them dearly.


As we know each and every mark is important, thus we cannot afford to make these simple and avoidable mistakes in the exam. So, we are here to discuss some easy strategies which will help the RBI Grade B aspirants in minimizing these common mistakes and score well in the phase 2 of RBI grade B 2019 exam. 

Before we discuss the mistakes by avoiding which aspirants can take a lead in the exam by scoring better, let us take a look at the exam pattern of RBI Grade B Phase 2.

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam Pattern 2019

Name of the PaperPaper TypeMarks
Paper1: Economic & Social IssuesObjective 100
Paper 2: English (Writing Skills)Descriptive100
Paper 3: Finance and Management (Optional)Objective100

After having shed light on the exam pattern of the RBI Grade B Phase II exam, let us discuss the common mistakes committed by students and how those mistakes can be avoided. 

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid to avoid for RBI Grade B Phase 2

Mentioned below are some mistakes which need to be avoided at all costs when you are appearing for RBI Grade B Phase 2.

1) Being rigid in your approach: Aspirants are suggested to have a flexible approach while preparing for RBI Grade B Phase 2. As it includes both subjective as well as objective paper, so you need to have different approaches for both these papers and attempt accordingly.

2) Not giving importance to revision: Many a time, students underestimate the importance of revision. However, if you recapitulate all the important topics which you have studied, it will help you immensely in memorizing all those topics which you have studied. This will help you in attempting mock number of questions accurately. 

3) Picking the wrong questions: One of the mistakes which you need to shy away from is picking the wrong set of questions. Go through the paper carefully, and choose those questions which can be attempted correctly by you. Do not be caught in the web of choosing questions which cannot be easily solved.

4) Not knowing when to let go: If you are stuck in a question, rather than wasting a significant amount of time in solving the question, you should move to the next questions after giving a last try. Spending a lot of time in a single question will not only frustrate you but will also tamper with the overall time limit of the exam. So, manage time effectively if you want to crack RBI Grade B.

5) Not attempting mock tests: One of the major blunders which you need to avoid at all cost is not giving importance to mock tests. Maximize the number of mock attempts and analyse those mocks. Only by following this practice, you can get a good score in the exam.

RBI Grade B Officer exam is a tough exam, however, if you have prepared thoroughly for the exam, you can crack the exam with a good score. Make maximum utilisation of the remaining few days and attempt as many mock tests as possible. Attempt the exam with a planned strategy and you are sure to get success.

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