Day-65 of Revision Plan to crack UGC NET

By Ashwani Tyagi|Updated : September 21st, 2021

Get ready for this revision study plan for UGC NET. We guarantee if you follow this plan without any break you will definitely crack the exam. We need full commitment from your side. Regularly give mock test as well with this study plan.

Get ready for this revision study plan for UGC NET. We guarantee if you follow this plan without any break you will definitely crack the exam. We need full commitment from your side. Regularly give mock test as well with this study plan.

The UGC NET December 2020 and UGC NET June 2021 Exam has been merged. The exam will be conducted in the month of October. Therefore, we bring to you a revision plan to crack UGC NET. Every student needs to speed up their preparations.

Candidates must check this UGC NET study plan thoroughly and try to follow it properly to boost their NET exam preparation. 

Few tips to prepare for UGC NET in less than 1 months -

  • Go through the syllabus very carefully.
  • Since there is not plenty of time, students should not waste any time and effort in looking into too many books and references.
  • Select one to two base materials to prepare from.
  • Allocate proper time for each unit according to the importance and pattern in previous exams.
  • Prepare bullet notes for each topic for a quick revision at the end.
  • Practise previous year question papers.

A proper strategy and smart work are required to clear this exam. For that, you have to formulate a strategy that works for you and accordingly plan a timetable for the NET exam. To help you with the timetable part, we are sharing a daily study plan where we will upload the articles and quizzes on daily basis for the upcoming NTA NET 2021 for Paper 1.

Note: Paper-1 is common for all the candidates. Paper-2 is subject-specific. So, here, we have taken Paper 1 in this study plan.

30 Days Study Plan to Crack UGC NET 2021

Here is the weekly plan starting from 19th July. If you want to crack UGC NET in this attempt, follow this plan diligently. 

  • Timings of the article: 9 a.m 3 p.m and  6p.m.
  • Timing of the Quiz: 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Every day we will post the articles along with the quiz according to the below-given plan.
  • Regularly give mock test series as well to check your preparation level. Click here to subscribe.
SectionDaysArticle 1 (9 A.M)Article 2 (3 P.M)Article 3 (6 P.M)Quiz-1 (10 A.M)Quiz 2 (9 P.M)
Higher EducationDay-1 Education in Ancient India Education in Pre Independence era Education in Post-Independence Era Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-2 Oriental Learning Ancient Universities Part 1 Ancient Universities Part 2 Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-3 Value Education Environmental Education Digital Initiative in Higher Education Attempt here Attempt here
Logical ReasoningDay-4 Types of Definition Types of Arguments

Fallacies Part 1

Fallacies Part 2

 Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-5Square of Opposition

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning Part 1

Part 2

 Validity of Arguments Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-6 Indian Logic Pramana Anumana Attempt hereAttempt here
ICTDay-7 Internet Internet and Intranet Email Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-8ICT and E-governance Part-1ICT and E-governance Part-2General abbreviations and terminology Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-9Important Terms Part-1 Important Terms Part-2 Important Terms Part-3 Attempt here Attempt here
Research AptitudeDay-10Research Aptitude Meaning Types of ResearchResearch Paper and Thesis Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-11 Hypothesis Research Ethics Positivism & Post-Positivistic Approach Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-12 Steps of Research Research Synopsis and Abstracts Methods of Research Attempt here Attempt here
Teaching AptitudeDay-13 Important Characteristics Notes on Teaching Aptitude Concepts & Objectives of TeachingDifferent levels of teaching Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-14Teaching PrinciplesTeaching ValuesLevels of Teaching Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-15Teaching AidsEvaluationModels of Teaching Attempt here Attempt here
EnvironmentDay-16Basic Environment TermsSustainable Development GoalsEnvironmental Org. Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-17Sulphur Dioxide Emission Impact of Pollutants Fossil Fuels Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-18 NGT Biodiversity Solar Energy Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-19 National Parks Paris SummitInternational Agreements Attempt here Attempt here
CommunicationDay-20 Meaning of Communication Stages of Communication Communication barrier Paert 1 Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-21 Communication barrier Paert 2 Classroom Communication Part 1 Classroom Communication Part 2 Attempt here Attempt here
 Day-22 Characteristics of Communication Mass media New Media Attempt here Attempt here
D.IDay-23 How to solve D.I   Attempt here Attempt here
Reading comprehensionDay-24 How to solve R.C   Attempt here Attempt here
 Research AptitudeDay-25Terms related to research Project Method  Attempt here Attempt here
 Teaching AptitudeDay-26 Levels of Teaching Objectives of Teaching  Attempt here 
 Rapd revisionDay-26 Teaching Aptitude Research Aptitude   
 Day-27 Communication    
 Day-28 Higher Education    
 Day-29 Environment    
 Day-30 Communication    

From today we are extending this plan. We will keep on adding notes and tests here.

Logical ReasoningDay-31Anumana Venn Diagram Part 1Attempt here
 Day-32 Logical Reasoning Part 1  Logical Reasoning Part 2Attempt here
 Day-33Indian Logic Fallacies Part 1 and Part 2Attempt here
CommunicationDay-34Barriers to communication Types of CommunicationAttempt here
 Day-35Classroom communication Stages of CommunicationAttempt here
 Day-36Effective communication Concept of communicationAttempt here
ICTDay-37Important Terms MemoryAttempt here
 Day-38Navigation Satellites Mobile NetworksAttempt here
 Day-39Search Engine  Important TermsAttempt here
 Day-40Reading comprehension  Attempt here
 Day-41D.I  Attempt here
 Day-42Maths and Reasoning  Attempt here
 EnvironmentDay-43People Development and Environment Govt. InitiativesAttempt here
 Day-44Environmental issues Environment Protection ActAttempt here
 Day-45Estuary Ecosystem How to prepare for Environment?Attempt here
 Day-46Hydrogen as a fuel SDGAttempt here
CommunicationDay- 47Stages of Communication What is communication? Part 1Attempt here
 Day-48What is communication? Part 2 Types of CommunicationAttempt here
 Day-49Short Notes on communication  Attempt here
Teaching AptitudeDay-50Types of Evaluation Evaluation systemAttempt here
 Day-51Modern Methods of Teaching Teaching aidsAttempt here
 Day-52Teaching Support system Learners and learning disorderAttempt here
 Day-53Reading comprehension quiz  Attempt here
 Day-54Data Interpretation quiz  Attempt here
 Day-55Maths and Reasoning Quiz  Attempt here
 Day-56Maths and Reasoning Quiz  Attempt here
 Day-57Maths and Reasoning Quiz  Attempt here
Higher EducationDay-58Digital initiative in Higher Education Gov. Schemes for Higher EducationAttempt here
 Day-59Regulatory Bodies ARIIA RankingsAttempt here
Research AptitudeDay-60Research Schemes Report writingAttempt here
 Day-61Hypothesis Research toolsAttempt here
 Day-62Action Research BibliographyAttempt here
 Day-63Data Interpretation  Attempt here
 Day-64Reading Comprehension  Attempt here

We are launching this super study plan on Monday. Follow this plan thoroughly so you can boost up your prep and score better. So buckle up and get ready to crack the NET exam this year. Good Luck.

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PriyankaSep 17, 2021

Finally I got something to read in my way. I know I am very late.But I will try my best.
Sarthak Prajapati
Sir ..mere live class hmesha chhut rhe h ..aur booster plan me paper.1 inlude nhi h kya
Venkat Sai

Venkat SaiSep 21, 2021

Sir could you provide note for management - paper 2

SheenaSep 21, 2021

Sir history paper 2 ka Liya plz PDF provide kar di jiya
Shweta Singh

Shweta SinghSep 22, 2021

Please..Hindi me v provide kre
D N Tudu

D N TuduSep 23, 2021

Sir/ mam
           Will you provided papet-2 geography pdf
D N Tudu

D N TuduSep 23, 2021

Sir/ mam-
         Will you provided paper-2 geography pdf
...Read More
Rani Jaiswal

Rani JaiswalSep 23, 2021

Good evening ma'am sir mujhe home science se krni hai preparation uski video aur pdf btaey

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