30 Days Revision Plan for JEE (Jan) 2020 Examination

By Apoorva Gupta|Updated : December 13th, 2019

30 Days Revision Plan for JEE (Jan) 2020 Examination: We at BYJU'S Exam Prep has launched a JEE 2020 Study Plan to help Aspirants for Examination. Now we are launching a Revision Plan for JEE (Jan) 2020 Examination. In this revision plan, we will only post quizzes. But along the revision plan we will post time to time Study Notes, General info articles, Inspirational and Motivational Stories, etc. 

Why Revision is Important for JEE (Jan) 2020 Examination

  • Revision is the key to success in JEE 2020 Exam or any other competitive examination.
  • Revision helps you consolidate your earlier gathered information and improve your score drastically.
  • Revision leads to improvement on the conceptual points. It also helps you in imbibing the best and quick problem-solving skills.

Save this article as your note in the app, as we will be updating quizzes daily at 5 pm. These quizzes are designed in a manner that covers different types of problems that can be expected in the JEE 2020 Exam. 

The following list has a detailed schedule for JEE 2020 Revision Plan

Date Physics 

 (Live Quiz timing 11:00 AM) 


 (Live Quiz timing 14:00 AM) 


 (Live Quiz timing 17:00 AM) 

6 December 2019JEE 2020 Revision Quiz:Unit, Dimension and MeasurementSome Basic Concept of Chemistry & Redox ReactionDeterminants
7 December 2019Ray Optics and Optical Instruments SolutionMatrices
8 December 2019Wave OpticsStructure of AtomSequence and Series
9 December 2019WavesStates of MatterSequence and Series
10 December 2019Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationPeriodic TableTrigonometric Ratio & Identity
11 December 2019Atoms and NucleiChemical Bonding and Molecular StructureTrigonometric Equations & Inequations
12 December 2019Thermal Properties of MatterEquilibriumInverse Trigonometric Functions
13 December 2019ThermodynamicsThermodynamicsSolution of Triangle
14 December 2019Kinetic Theory of GaseousThe Solid StateQuadratic Equations
15 December 2019Transfer of HeatElectrochemistryBinomial Theorem
16 December 2019Electrostatics - 1Chemical KineticsPermutation and Combination-01
17 December 2019Electrostatics - 2Hydrogen & s-Block ElementsPermutation and Combination-02
18 December 2019GravitationCoordination CompoundsRelations and Functions
19 December 2019Current Electricity - 1General Organic Chemistry & IsomerismLimits, Continuity & Differentiability
20 December 2019Current Electricity - 2General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsApplication of Derivatives-01
21 December 2019Moving Charges and MagnetismHydrocarbonApplication of Derivatives-02
22 December 2019Magnetism and MatterThe p-Block ElementsIndefinite Integration
23 December 2019Electromagnetic InductionHaloalkanes and HaloarenesDefinite Integration-01
24 December 2019Alternating Current & EM Waves - 1Alcohols, Phenols and EthersDefinite Integration-02
25 December 2019Alternating Current & EM Waves - 2Surface ChemistryArea under Curve
26 December 2019Semiconductor Electronics & Communication SystemThe d and f blockDifferential Equation
27 December 2019Kinematics - 1Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsVector
28 December 2019Kinematics - 2Biomolecules & Polymers3-D Geometry
29 December 2019Laws of Motion & FrictionAminesStraight Line
30 December 2019Work, Energy & PowerDiazonium SaltCircle
31 December 2019System of Particles and Rotational Motion - 1Practical ChemistryConic Section - 01
1 January 2020System of Particles and Rotational Motion - 2Chemistry of environment and everyday lifeConic Section - 02
2 January 2020OscillationsEquilibriumComplex Number
3 January 2020Mechanical Properties of Solids & Fluids - 1Coordination CompoundsProbability
4 January 2020Mechanical Properties of Solids & Fluids - 2Structure of AtomStatistics


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