30 Days Revision Plan for BITSAT 2019

By Avinash Kumar|Updated : April 13th, 2019

30 Days Revision Plan for BITSAT 2019 exam. The total 30 days are remaining for BITSAT 2019 Exam and it is the best time to start the revision. Most successful candidates start their revision as early as possible. Attempting the mock tests is another important key to secure a good rank in the examination. Make sure you take the test and analyze your attempts.

Why Revision is Important for BITSAT 2019 Exam

  • Revision is the key to success in BITSAT 2019 Exam or any other competitive examination.
  • Revision helps you consolidate your earlier gathered information and improve your score drastically.
  • Revision leads to improvement on the conceptual points. It also helps you in imbibing the best and quick problem-solving skills.

Save this article as your note in the app, as we will be updating quizzes and short notes, daily at 5 pm. These quizzes are designed in a manner that covers different types of problems that can be expected in the BITSAT 2019 Exam. Follow the below-given plan and improve your score in the coming examination.

30 Days Revision Plan for BITSAT 2019

15-April-19BITSAT 2019 Physics Mechanics Revision Quiz  Quiz 1Quiz 2
16-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Organic Revision Quiz  Quiz 1Quiz 2
17-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Math Algebra Revision Quiz  Quiz 1Quiz 2
18-April-19 BITSAT 2019 English & LR Revision Quiz  Quiz 1Quiz 2
19-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Physics Electrostatics & Magnetism Revision Quiz  Quiz 1Quiz 2
20-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Organic Revision Quiz Quiz 3Quiz 4
21-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Weekly Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
22-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Math Algebra Revision Quiz Quiz 3Quiz 4
23-April-19 BITSAT 2019 English & LR Revision Quiz Quiz 3 Quiz 4
24-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Physics Current Electricity Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
25-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Inorganic Revision QuizQuiz 1 Quiz 2
26-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Math Calculus Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
27-April-19 BITSAT 2019 English & LR Revision Quiz Quiz 5Quiz 6
28-April-19BITSAT 2019 Physics Heat and Thermodynamics Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
29-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Inorganic Revision Quiz  Quiz 3Quiz 4
30-April-19 BITSAT 2019 Math Calculus Revision Quiz Quiz 3Quiz 4
1-May-19 BITSAT 2019 English & LR Revision Quiz Quiz 7 Quiz 8
2-May-19 BITSAT 2019 Physics Optics Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
3-May-19 BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Physical Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
4-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Math Coordinate Geometry Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
5-May-19  BITSAT 2019 English & LR Revision Quiz Quiz 9Quiz 10
6-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Physics Modern Physics Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
7-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Chemistry Physical Revision Quiz Quiz 3Quiz 4
8-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Math-Trigonometry Revision Quiz Quiz 1 Quiz 2
9-May-19  BITSAT 2019 English & LR Revision Quiz Quiz 11Quiz 12
10-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Revision Test Test 1 Test 2
11-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Revision Test Test 3Test 4
12-May-19 BITSAT 2019 Revision Test Test 5Test 6
13-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Revision Test Test 7Test 8
14-May-19  BITSAT 2019 Revision Test Test 9Test 10

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