20 Day Revision Strategy for CDS II 2021

By Swapnil Yadav|Updated : October 26th, 2021

With CDS (II) 2021 is less than a month away, it is high time that the aspirants start revising the syllabus. The preparation time for this examination generally varies depending on the calibre and the availability of the aspirants, but the last leg before the examination is almost similar; the revision leg.


With CDS (II) 2021 is less than a month away, it is high time that the aspirants start revising the syllabus. The preparation time for this examination generally varies depending on the calibre and the availability of the aspirants, but the last leg before the examination is almost similar; the revision leg.


As the time left for the examination is less, it is important to create and follow an optimal revision strategy to ensure that the available time is utilized in the most exhaustive manner. The execution of the revision strategy is usually the difference between the selected candidates and the almost selected candidates.

In this article, we have tried to derive a strategy that would allow you to revisit and revamp your preparation in a shorter time frame while keeping the overall spirit intact.

Before going into the subjects, let us start with understanding some of the behavioural and operational nuances that need to be kept in consideration while revising.

Go back to the notes:

This is the time to reap the benefits of the already prepared notes. It always seems a very tedious task to prepare the notes while studying but the immense benefits that come afterwards, justify the effort by a good measure.

The thing with making notes is that it is usually a very personalised procedure, which accounts for learning habits of the person in question. So, revising from self-made notes can go a long way in efficiently going across the revision in limited time.

In case you do not have notes, do not lose hope. Just focus on what you have been studying and visit the exact same sources from where you have prepared. This would help you save time as you almost know what is where in the pre-visited sources.

Attempt Mock Tests:

Mock Tests can be well considered as the proven elixir for success in any competitive examination. CDS is no exception to this. These tests are able to give you a fair idea about the actual nature and environment of the examination. This acclimatisation is the key to success, particularly in the case of the new aspirants.

BYJU'S Exam Prep has acknowledged this need and formulated a series of free mock tests for CDS 2018. These tests have been devised considering the syllabus and the pattern of the questions being asked in the different sections of the paper. Practising these will go a long way in empowering the students with the right tools to crack the examination.


Attempt Free Mock Test Series for CDS

Revise as many quizzes as possible:

There are a lot of subject wise quizzes for CDS on the BYJU'S Exam Prep platform. These quizzes have been designed keeping the level of examination in mind and thus can act as the suppletory practice material.

In the last leg of the revision, the aspirants need to practice as much as possible and the quizzes can fulfil this requirement with ease. All the quizzes posted for CDS are available in the ‘Study’ tab on the BYJU'S Exam Prep app. One can just start scrolling and attempting the quizzes.

The questions in these quizzes are coupled with answers and relevant solutions which will help you in analysing and improving the performance in a staged manner.

Start working on your fitness:

While it is true that SSB will take place only after clearing the written exam, the preparation for the examination can’t be postponed in the wait for the exam results. The suggestible practice is to start light physical workout to bring the body in sync during the last few days of revision itself.

We have made it very clear that the physical fitness is not the biggest requirement for being recommended from the SSB, but it acts as an addition for the candidate’s confidence along with ease in the GTO tasks.

Now let’s talk about the important topics which need to be taken in consideration while revising.

Elementary Mathematics:

  • Revise all the formulae and the question templates of Trigonometry and Mensuration. These will come out in handy in the paper. The formula revision should be done repeatedly to improve retention.
  • The arithmetic questions in the paper are generally very simple and based on specific patterns and thus attempting them in form of quizzes will help a lot in the examination.
  • Though the number of questions from logarithms is quite limited it is wise to consider them too while revising. There are merely a handful of the identities and thus very easy to remember and score.


  • Keep reading as much as possible.
  • Solving a few good reading comprehensions daily would do wonders in the final English scores.
  • Practising through daily quizzes will keep you warmed up for the final examination, so never bail out on these.

General Knowledge:

  • This is the trickiest part of the revision puzzle because of the sheer volume and diversification of the syllabus.
  • In polity, you need to revise the topics like the structure of the Indian Constitution, Centre-State relationship etc.
  • In history, Indian Freedom Struggle forms a very crucial part of the paper and thus needs to be prepared on priority.
  • Indian Geography and the Physiography are crucial in the Geography portion of the paper.
  • In Physics, many questions are asked relating to laws of motion, gravitation and mechanics.

There is a host of other topics which have not been enlisted here and they too carry importance in the scheme of the examination but while revising it is imperative to optimize the time utilization by picking up topics that will generate more marks in the final paper.

One more thing that needs to be kept in mind in the limited remaining time is that fact that there are hardly any opportunities to start up with some new topics now. This would not only jeopardise the newly begun topic but can also hurt the previously prepared topics as time will be lost here.

The word ‘revision’ has to be followed to its core during the last phase of the examination. This means optimally utilizing the time so as to ensure better scores and consequently better chances of clearing the examination.

The admit cards have been released by UPSC and thus the final bells for the examination have been rung. Therefore, put your best foot forward and score as much as you can to make your dream of becoming an officer come true.

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