10 Reasons Why Test Series is Important: Know Importance of Test Series for better score!

By Vijeta Bhatt|Updated : January 13th, 2022

10 Reasons Why Test Series is Important: Many students devoted 8-9 hours daily in preparation throughout the year. But only a few of them are able to clear the exams. There are several reasons behind this. But the most common reason seen is the Lack of Practice

Many aspirants do not know the importance of attempting mock tests before exams. And that's why they are unaware of their level of preparation. In this article, we are providing you with why the test series is important with 10 reasons.

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Why the Test Series is Important with 10 Reasons.

1. Self Evaluation:

Many aspirants devote 7-8 hours a day without any output. Merely reading is not helpful unless you analyze your preparation level frequently. Test series will help you which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to focus future learning on weak areas.

2. To assess competition before the actual exam:

If you enrolled in a pan-India mocks test series with real-time ranking, then you can sort of assessing competition before the actual exam. You can check your current rank and understand where you stand from the other competitors.

3. Improve Your Speed with Accuracy:

High speed with less accuracy is the most dangerous thing any many students do the same thing in an exam. Or low-speed high accuracy is also not a good thing you should maintain your speed with accuracy to ace in any exam. Test series help you to practice more and improve your test accuracy before taking the actual exam.

4. Time Management:

Many students who fail the exam confessed that they could score more if they have more time. Time management is very important it helps you to be clear about what is to be attempted and what not to be.  Test Series helps you in this process immensely.

5. Exam-phobia and Exam Anxiety:

It is quite common for aspirants to get anxious and afraid by the Exams especially the nature of IPMAT and DU JAT which has a competition level that is high and many aspirants lose their hope before taking the exam. Test Series helps you to tackle these fears by providing a real exam-like situation. 

6. Consistency:

Consistency is the key to the preparation for any exam. Consistency develops routines and builds momentum in your preparation. When you attempt the test on a weekly or daily basis it also helps to determine your learning & retention ability.

7.  Cover the Whole syllabus:

Mock tests are designed in a way that student can check their knowledge of all topics. Mock tests help to align your preparation according to the syllabus. It also helps aspirants to understand things that they have studied so as to be ready for any question on that topic.  It also allows you to re-think what you have already studied and apply that while solving questions.

8.  Revision:

IPMAT, JIPMAT, DU JAT, and other BBA Entrance exam Syllabus are so humongous that revising them becomes a very upheaval task and further remembering even after revision is cumbersome. Test Series helps you do this to some extent as it is more engaging and covers important concepts. 

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 9 Right Strategy:

In the real exam if you experiment with a new strategy of solving a paper as it can lead to a disaster. That's why tests are the best for trying different strategies on how to attempt the paper, how much time to devote to a question when to mark, etc. Everyone has their own way of solving the paper some aspirants solve difficult ones first some go for an easy one, it is totally up to them. Mock Tests allow you to have such practice in an exam-like environment.

  10. Practice:

Mock tests are important due to the practice they supply. Practice makes a person perfect. In any exam, revision is vital to remember all the concepts that you have studied. Via mock tests, you practice and improve your efficiency.

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