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1 AM Quiz : Blood Relation

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Question 1

Pointing to a man in the marriage anniversary party of a friend, Rupa said, “He is the son of the only child of my grandfather”. How is the man related to Rupa?

Question 2

Pointing to a girl, Rahul said, "She is the only daughter of my grandfather's only child". How is Rahul related to the girl?

Question 3

R is uncle of A. R is grandfather of Q. Q’s brother name is P, then what is relation of A to P?

Question 4

Pointing to a girl, Mr. Suraj said “she is the only daughter of my father's son-in-law”. How is the girl related to Mr. Suraj?

Question 5

M, N, O and P are all different individuals. M is the daughter of N. N is the son of O. O is the father of P.

Which among the following statements is true from the above premises?
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